“I did a mistake. I thought Niraahaara-Deeksha is the best shiksha, praayashchittam” replied the adhyaksha (head) of Post and Telegraph workers when asked why he was fasting.

Once when the Post & Telegraph workers went on a strike in June 1952, this person talked with the Communications Minister and fixed a deal. The Minister also agreed to pay the workers for the time they did strike. Since Bhaarateeyas never leave Satyam, the adhyaksha believed the words of the Minister and left without taking any written agreement. However the Minister cheated them and didnt pay the workers. Since the adhyaksha was the representative of the workers, the adhyaksha felt he was responsible for the mistake. If he had been more careful, the Minister wouldnt have cheated them. Hence as Praayashchittam for his mistake he was doing Niraahaara-deeksha! He did this for 21 days!!

He is none other than “Jayaprakash Naaraayan“, well known as “Lokanaayak”.

(see Likhita’s story too)

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  1. Its really a humbling experience to know the ideas and thoughts of such a great man. The sense of justice, fair play is evident when he opined that the right of self determination should be left to the kashmiris. Unfortunately the rest of India choose to ignore this and for this India had to pay a heavy price. He was the true leader of the under dogs carrying the principles of Ahimsa to the spirit and letter. His observance that hindu religion needs to change and a need for revivalsm
    was the need of the hour was true. Even now the core, the essence of Hindu religion is ignored at the cost of political opportunism. Hope another leader springs forth who would carry forth the principle of this great man. A true Ghandian of post independent India.

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