He was an MSc Vidyaarthi, Maadhava Rao. He looked very weak, but was doing Shaastra-adhyayanam with great Deeksha and Ekaagrata. Pariiksha is in 12 days and he is studying with Ekaagrata, without caring about his anaarogyam.

While he was studying he felt something bit his leg. It was a scorpion! Visham started to enter the body and the pain was unbearable. But he didnt want to stop studying. He got an idea. He made a wound with knife near the place the scorpion bit and put some aushadham (this stopped poison flow into the body). He put his leg in a water bucket and continued reading! He forgot the pain and concentrated on his study. Maadhava Rao came first in the Exams.

He is none other than “Maadhava Rao Sadaashiva Rao Golvarkar“, well known as “Guruji”.

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  1. Namaskar
    thanks for the inspiring story of sri guruji.
    swami vivekananda again came to this world in the form of sri guruji to complete his work to make vharat the viswaguru . guruji’s life was a yajna . youth must study
    the moral from guruji’s life story

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