Nandana used to rule the Nishadha desham. The praja was very happy with the Raaja, who ruled them without deviating from the path of Dharmam. The Raaja used to do many Daanams to the poor. He used to do Anna-daanam to 1 lakh people everyday!!

Once Naarada Maharshi heard the keerti of Nandana and came to test him. He said “Raaja! In the Trilokas, people are talking about your Dharma-gunam. Till now you were cooking the aahaaram in earthen pots right? Now use sand pots instead and your keerti will increase” and went away. After some days He came back.

“Nandana Maharaja! I saw many who did Anna-daanam but none like you could cook in sand pots” said Naarada Maharshi. Then Nandana replied, with Garvam, “Naaradamuniindra! Only because of my Dharma-gunam, the sand pots are remaining intact without breaking. Not only this, I can do anything”. Naarada Maharshi went away with mandahaasam.

The next day when the aahaaram was about to be cooked in sand pots, they broke off. After telling this story the Pratima on the simhaasanam of Shri Vikramaaditya continued “O Bhoja Raaja! Because of one praising himself, having Garvam, he will loose all the sat-phalitam he earned till then. Hence one must never have Garvam, Ahankaaram. Vikramaaditya Maharaja, though he was very great, never had even slightest Garvam; are you also like that?”

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