Vishnuchitta -2

(continuation of this story)

Nirantara Bhagavanaama-smarana and Shrimanaaraayana puuja was Vishnuchitta’s Nitya-krutyam. He used to do Maanava-seva believing Maanava-seva is Maadhava-seva. He used to do Anna-daanam to many in Shri Valli Puttuur everyday, with whatever he earned without deviating from Dharmam.

In every season, according to the climate, he used to serve what pleases the Atithi. In rainy season, he used to serve rice made with paddy, Daal, 4-5 curries, many kinds of Appalams, curds etc. In summer, he used to first offer Shrii-chandanam to apply on their body. Then he used to serve hot rice, Sweet rasam, Sambar made with curd, Sugar-cane juice, coconut water, Bhakshyas, Phalas, sweet smelling water, Buttermilk. In winter, he used to serve rice made with grains that smelled like a sungandha Dravyam (punugu), pickle with pepper powder, hot curries, Paayasam, many kinds of pickles, ghee, milk etc.

In his house, all the while there used to be Vishnu-bhajans, Hari-kathas. Even though he used to take so much care while preparing the bhojanam for Atithis, he used to say “there are only a few curries, no special items. Please show your Krupa on us and eat in our house“. Saying this he used to invite Atithis.

Thus Vishnuchitta showed us the nirvachanam for the suukti “Abhyaagatah svayam Vishnuh“.

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  1. Good it shows that athithi is equal to god

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