It was Congress Mahaasabha in Belgam in 1924, December. Many important people came for the Sabha. A famous Nyaayavaadi also came. Just before the Sabha was about to start Indore Maharaja came there. Straight he went to the Nyaayavaadi.

“Aarya! I am in great difficulties. Please accept this 25 lakhs. After you win the case I will give 25 more” requested the Maharaja. In those days, 50 lakhs was really a very huge sum of money.

The Maharaja was alleged in a murder case. The Nyaayavaadi must be very good to speak before the Viceroy. Hence Indore Maharaja requested this Nyaayavaadi. If it were anybody else they would have accepted. However the Nyaayavaadi replied boldly

“Aarya! Kshama. I have a Pratignya that I wont step into English-Nyaayasthaanams (British courts). Until we get Swaraajyam I wont enter these Nyaayasthaanams. With Pralobham of Dhanam I cannot break my Pratignya“. Maharaja then searched for another Nyaayavaadi.

The Nyaayavaadi is none other than “Chittaranjan Daas“, well known as “Desha-bandhu“.

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  1. Kartavya Nishta – in real life is one of the greate virtue very few people have.

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