A guudhachaari of Vikramaaditya Maharaja came running and said “I am coming from Maalava-desham Prabhu. In that Nagaram a Dhanika Vartaka dug a Tataakam (reservoir) with circumference of 16 miles and 50 feet deep. Even then, howmuch ever rains fall, the water is not staying in it, it is absorbed into the ground. Vartaka had duhkham because he thought this Tataakam will be of use to many; but it is not storing water. Aakaasha-vaani then said “O Vaishyashikhaamani! If a saahasa-vanta and a sat-gunavanta comes here and gives himself as bali to Durgaa Devi here, then this Tataakam will be of use to everybody”. The Vartaka then thought will there be any such great person. He then made 32 Pratimas with 32 Crore Gold coins and said that whoever does this Kaaryam gets these Pratimas”.

Immediately Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Tataakam in Maalava Desham, taking his Chandraayudham. He read a shaasanam written “If this Tataakam is filled with water, Praani-koti will be happy”. Immediately he took out his Chandraayudham to cut his throat. Durgaa Devi appeared and said “Raaja! I am happy with your Saahasam. Ask me a Varam”. Vikramaaditya Maharaja replied “Jananii! Make this Tataakam built by this Vartaka-shreshtha useful to everybody”. Devi was very happy with the Paropakaara-buddhi of Vikramaaditya and gave the Varam. She told the Vartaka “use these 32 crore gold coins to build Devaalayas, Satrams and do praja-seva”.

After telling the story the Pratima in Vikramaaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Saahasam and Paropakaara-buddhi that Vikramaaditya Maharaja has“?

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