Devasharma’s Duraasha

In the Divya Ayodhyaa Nagaram, there used to live a Braahmana by name Devasharma. On Mahaavishuvat-Sankraanti, he went as a Bhokta for a Shraaddha-karma in another Vipra’s house. The Vipra gave Devasharma a Saktu-ghatam (pot full of rice flakes).

Devasharma took the Saktu-ghatam and was walking slowly back to his house. After walking for sometime, since he ate a lot, he wanted to take rest. In those days, every house used to have a platform in front of the house, so that people, Yaatrikas can take rest if tired. Feeling tired, Devasharma thought of lying down in a Kumbhakaara’s (potter) house. He spread his Uttareeyam on the platform, kept left hand under his head as a pillow and kept a stick in the right hand to protect the Saktu-ghatam from robbers.

With half-closed eyes, he was dreaming. He thought “when good price comes, I will sell this Saktu-ghatam. With that money I will buy a good Mesham (goat). Every year it will atleast give birth to two. After some years, I will have many. Then I will sell them and buy 100 good cows. That Dhenushatakam will give birth to many in course of time. Like this I will get great Dhenu-Sampada. I will use some to help in Vyavasaayam (agriculture), and some I will sell. I will also sell the Dhaanyam I get doing Vyavasaayam for a good price. Like this in no time, I’ll become a Koteeshvara. Then many will offer me their Putrikas for Kalyaanam. I will choose the best of them and marry. I will have a putra who will be more beautiful than Manmatha. I will name him Somasharma. In case Somasharma’s Maata doesnt take good care of him, I will punish her”.

Just when he was dreaming about this, he fell asleep and he thought really his Bhaarya came and started hitting her with a stick (in the dream, for not taking care of Somasharma), whereas actually he started to hit the Saktu-ghatam. All the Saktu fell on the ground and the stick also hit some of the pots that the Kumbhakaara made. Hearing the sound, the Kumbhakaara came out and fined the Braahmana for breaking his pots.

Thus Devasharma lost his Saktu-ghatam and in addition had to pay fine.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Duraasha always leads to difficulties. With duraasha, Devasharma was dreaming about becoming a Koteeshvara and even destroyed what he had, himself. People who only dream about future (and dont work), loose what they have in the present too.
  2. The Paropakaara-buddhi in Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam is shown in the story. Everyone used to leave some space in their house for Yaatrikas etc. to take rest.
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