Raamayya’s Vrushabhams

Raamayya was an ordinay farmer. He used to treat his Vrushabhams, with the help of which he used to do Vyavasaayam, like his own putras. Like other Bhaarateeyas he used to do pooja of Dhenu-Vrushabha sampada. The Vrushabhams of Raamayya were special. They were of the variety ‘Naagour’; hence have a lot of strength. His Vrushabhams used to run very fast. They used to be faster than good quality horses too. Raamayya always had Santrupti and was happy with whatever God gave him.

One day some Chorakas stealed the Vrushabhams of Raamayya. There was not end to the duhkham of Raamayya when he came to know about this. He cried saying “Raama! What is this Vidhi-vaipariityam? Why are You testing me like this? How can I live without my Pashu-sampada? I would have been very happy if the robbers took away all my Dhanam and left the Vrushabhams for me. Will Lakshmii Devi stay in a house where Pashu-sampada is not there? (no)” Having great duhkham, he ran to the nearest Police-station to lodge a complaint.

He also went along with the Police to search for the Vrushabhams. At last, to the joy of Raamayya, they traced the robbers who were running away with a cart pulled Raamayya’s Vrushabhams only. There was no end to the aanandam of Raamayya seeing his Vrushabhams.

The police and Raamayya were chasing the robbers on horses and the thieves were going on the bullock-cart. Raamayya who very well knew the strength of his Vrushabhams saw that they were not running at full speed and hence the horses were able to approach it. He was not able to bear the fact that if they catch the robbers then his Vrushabhams will loose to the horses in race. He thought his Vrushabhams must never loose! They must always win!!

He shouted a trick “pull the ropes tied to the Vrushabhams twice”. The robbers heared it and the Vrushabhams started to zoom. In no time the robbers went out of sight of the robbers. The Police who thought Raamayya will be very sad to have lost the oppurtunity of catching his Vrushabhams, saw the happy Raamayya and were surprised. They asked him why he was so happy. Raamayya replied

“Arya! My Vrushabhams never lost to any horse in race. The Pratishtha of my Vrushabhams is more important for me than they being with me. With whom ever they will be, they will be winners. That satisfaction is enough for me”. Seeing the Bhaarateeyata in Raamayya, the Police did Namaskaar to Raamayya.

The respect what Bhaarateeyatas used to give for domestic animals is well shown by Raamayya. He overcame his teevra-duhkham just seeing his Vrushabhams win!

Message to the present society:
Gomaata, Vrushabhams and sakala Pashu-sampada was always given great respect in Bhaarateeya Samskruti. From the ages of Diliipa, Shri Krishna through the times of Raamayya (which is not even 60 years ago), now we are in an age where just for money people are exporting the cattle to foreign countries where for flesh the animals are killed. Breeds like ‘Naagour’ have demand for flesh hence just for money, not caring for Bhaarateeya Samskruti people are exporting the cattle. It is very sad, heart-breaking to see such Krutyas happening in Pavitra-Bhaarata-desham.

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