Vitarana buddhi

One day Avantii-raaja came to know the greatness of Vikramaaditya Maharaja. The Raaja got Iirsha. He used to always think how he can get more Keerti, Yashas than Vikramaaditya.

One day a Sanyaasi came to Avantii-raaja. The King told his vichaaram to the Sanyaasi. Sanyaasi said “There is a Kaalikaalayam near Himavannagaram. Some Yoga-purushas everyday do Yagnyas there. Go there. After snaanam, enter the Aalayam, build a Gundam and do a Homam for Kaalikaa Devi. In the end give your shariiram as Puurnaahuti. Yoga-purushas will save you, Kaalikaa Devi will appear and give Her Anugraham”. Avantii-raaja did as told by the Sanyaasi and asked Kaalikaa Devi “Everyday I must get 7 Crores”. Kaalikaa Devi said “if everyday you give your shariiram as Puurnaahuti, you will get what you want”.

Everyday the King did as said by Kaalikaa Devi and did Daanam of the Dhanam he got, to whoever asked and soon got the name that he is a great Daata. Vikramaaditya Maharaja came to know about the Daana-gunam of Avantii-raaja. He immediately went ot Himavannagaram and was about to give his shariiram as Puurnaahuti. Just then Kaalikaa Devi appeared and Vikramaaditya said

without even Avantii-raaja having to do the difficult task of Puurnaahuti, give him the dhanam so that he can do more and more Daanams“. Very happy with the Amruta-vaakyas of Vikramaaditya Maharaja, Kaalikaa Devi said “Raaja! No one ever will be born who equals you in Vitarana (Tyaagam, Audaaryam)”.

On knowing about Vikramaditya, Avantii-raja got Iirsha, whereas Vikramaditya on knowing about Avantii-raja, helped him by asking Kaalikaa Devi Varam to bless Avantii-raja!

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