Bhakta Chikroḍa and Govardhana

Pryaagam Paataliiputram Vijayanagaram Puriim |

Indraprastham Gayaam chaiva pratyushe pratyaham smaret ||

Such is the greatness of Indraprastham. What more needs to be said about a Nagaram which was once ruled by the great Yudhishthira? This story happened in Tretaa-yugam (see Kaala-maanam) during Setu-bandhanam:

Every one was enthusiastic. Setu-bandhanam was going in full swing. Vaanaras were bringing huge paashaanams (boulders), writing Divya Shri Raama Naamam on them. Nala-Neela were throwing them into the ocean. Due to Shri Raama Naama mahima, the stones floated.

Everyone showed their Bhakti towards Shri Raama, the purushottama. Even though they knew that their small effort doesnt matter for accomplishing the impossible task of Setu-bandhanam, and that it is the power of Shri Raama only helping them, they put in effort and were doing whatever they could. Everyone was doing Parishrama according to their capability. Parama Bhakta Hanumaan was bringing huge Parvatams and throwing into the ocean. The tiny Chikroa (squirrel) was rolling in water, then rolling on the sands and then rolling in water so that the sands stuck to its body go into the water. Seeing the Parishrama and Bhakti of the Chikroa, Paramaatma took it in His hands, carresed the squirrel’s back and blessed it. (Only Indian squirrels have three lines on their back)
In this, once Hanumaan reached the great Indraprastham in search of Parvatams to throw into the ocean and build the Setu (bridge). There He saw a Giri-raaja by name Govardhana. Seeing Hanumaan, Govardhana had paramaanandam. He thought that now is when his body is being of some use. He invited Hanumaan to carry him so that he can be of some help to Paramaatma Shri Raama. Bhakta Hanumaan also was very happy to see the Bhakti of Govardhana.

But some duutas (messengers) from Shri Raama came and informed Hanumaan that Setu-bandhanam is over and He can return to the Saagaram. Listening to this news there was no end to the duhkham of Govardhana. He thought due to some paapa-kaaryam he did in his previous janma, he now is not able to serve Parandhaama, Shri Raama. Seeing the duhkham of Govardhana, Hanumaan went to Shri Raama and told about Govardhana.

Shri Raama had great aanandam seeing the Bhakti of Govardhana. He gave a varam to Govardhana that he will do Uddharana of Govardhana in Dvaapara-yugam when He is Shri Krishna.

For 7 days, Shri Krishna lifts Govardhana Parvatam and saves lifes of the Gopaalas. Govardhana then has great aanandam for being of some use to the Paramaatma Shri Krishna.

Morals in the Story:

  1. We must always put in efforts, hard-work for doing a good deed, whether or not it is possible or impossible for us. God will be happy with the Parishrama (hard-work) we put in and bless us immaterial of the result. Though it was not capable of doing much, the squirrel did whatever it could and impressed the Lord.
  2. The nishkaama Bhakti of the squirrel and Govardhana must be inculcated. God always protects His Bhaktas, like He did to Govardhana.

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  1. “yatha shakti”.. put as much effort as you possibly can! We should always put in our best effort in everything we do. It’s unimaginable that a squirrel could have been of any help in setu-bandhanam, but even it put its best effort and got the blessings of paramatma Rama! This story also shows Rama’s kRtaGYatA: he’s always one who would be (disproportionately!) grateful, for even a small favour and pardon (kShamA) a hundred injuries inflicted on him!

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