Vikramaaditya saves a Vipra-strii

One day a Vaishya came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and said “Raaja! One night, when I was in Madhuraanagaram, doing Vartakam, I heard an aarta-naadam from Uttara-disha. From the Nagara-vaasis I came to know that there lives a raakshasa near a Parvatam on the North side of the Nagaram. There is a Kaalikaalayam too there. Everyday night, they hear these aartanaadams”.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Kaalikaalayam. Till it was night, he did Praarthana in the Aalayam. At night, he heard the aartanaadam. He saw the Raakshasa torturing a strii. Vikramaaditya Maharaja couldnt tolerate Strii-himsa. He immediately pounced on the Raaksha and did his Vadha. He then asked “Maata! Who are you? Why is this Raakshasa paining you”? The strii did Namaskaaram to show her Krutagnyata and said

“Prabhu! I am a Viprottama’s arthaangi. I used to always unnecessarily fight/argue with my Bharta and cause grief to him. That Shaanta-muurti tolerated me for a very long time. One day he got very angry with me and gave shaapam that “everyday get beatings from the Raakshasa near Kaalikaalayam and clean your paapams”. When I had pashchaattaapam and asked for Shaapaantaram, he said that Dharmaatma, Dhairya-shaali Vikramaditya Maharaja will do Raakshasa-samhaaram and save you. From that day onwards everyday I am seeing Narakam because of the Raakshasa. Because of your Divya-darshanam I got Vimukti. How can I show my Krutagnyata?”. Saying like this, she showed Vikramaditya a Nidhi that had 1crore Gold coins which was under the control of the Raakshasa. She then said “Maharaja! Since you did Raakshasa-samhaaram, you are the adhikaari of this Nidhi. Please take this Nidhi”.

Vikramaditya Maharaja then gave away the Nidhi to the Strii and said “Sukhiibhava”. After telling this story, the Pratima on the Vikramaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Paropakaara Buddhi? Like Vikramaditya I hope you also dont have Dhana-kanksha”.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi of Vikramaditya is well shown in the story. After saving the Vipra-strii, he gave away the Nidhi to her and blessed her to live happily.
  2. The Dharma-vartanam and Veeratvam of Vikramaditya is shown in the story. Following Raaja-dharmam, he protect the strii and with great Dharyam did dushta-samhaaram.

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  1. this is very inspirative,KARMA AND DHARMA are the only two words which propell us through out the life.
    so shree krihna said
    “Yada Yada hi dharmasiya,glanirabhavthu bharatha,
    Abhiuthanaaam Adharmasiya,Thathaatmaan sujyaaaham”

    This meean doing things(karma) Virtually(as per dharma )Leads to knowledge expansion.And doing them not virtually Leads to Ignorance and darkness.

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