Story of Sunandinii

Sunandinii was the putrika of Sudharma and Sumanasaa. Sunandinii right from childhood was a Shiva Bhakta and used to be very nice to others. Seeing her uttama-gunams, her Maata-Pita used to be very happy. The three of them were always satisfied with what they had and used to do help others in whatever way they could.

Kaalam never remains the same. Change is its nature. Vidhi-vashah once Sunandinii got separated from her Maata-Pita. The small girl searched everywhere. But no use. Searching for them, she reached a forest. A Siddha, who was doing Tapas in the forest, saw this helpless girl and took pity on her. He gave Sunandinii a Divya Phalam and Pushpam and said “O Kumaarii! Take these Divya Phala-Pushpams. As long as you have them you will never have Kshut-pipaasas (hunger and thirst). You will get purusha-ruupam and it will help you survive in this dangerous place”. Sunandinii did Namaskaaram to the Siddha and took the Divya Phala-Pushpams.

Sunandinii continued her search for Maata-Pita. Because of having the Divya Phala-Pushpams she had purusha-ruupam and never had Kshut-pipaasas. When she was going through the forest she heard an aarta-naandam from a Vruddha-strii (old woman). The Vruddha-strii was very hungry and asked Sunandinii to help her. Sunandinii got separated from her Maata-Pita, but not from the Hita-bodha they did. Sunandinii remembered the stories of Saktuprastha, Rantideva and other Mahaa-purushas which she heard from her Maata-pita.

Taking pity on the Vruddha-strii, she wanted to give off the Divya Phala-Pushpams to her, even though she knew it will be very difficult for her to survive without them! The Siddha who was passing by saw this and stopped Sunandinii. He said “O Shubhaanana! Why are you giving away these? Dont you know without them it will be very difficult for you? Is Aatma-raksha not the greatest Dharmam”?

Sunandinii replied “O Tapasvi-Chandrama! My Maata-pita told me that Paropakaaram is the greatest Dharmam. After all the purpose of having this shariiram is to help others and thus progress in Moksha-maargam”. Saying thus, Sunandinii gave off the Divya Phala-Pushpams to the Vruddha-strii. Impressed with the Dharma-buddhi of Sunandinii, Parameshvarii, who came in disguise as the Vruddha-strii, showed Her true form and gave Her Anugraham to Sunandinii.

Jayam to the great Bharata-bhuumi that gave birth to such Mahaapurushas.

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  1. This Is very nice story.From this Major thing to Learn is “Parents are sole responsible for childs development”.I Mean Parents are one who buid their children character,their attiude,their Life
    Teach children from day one of their birth,how to live.give respect for elders,Love to younger once,Make them morally strong,In this kalug help them to analyse how good work gives good deeds,take time to judge them If u feel they are on wrong track guide them.We all may be busy in real world needs,but pls teach your younger once how to love every being.
    one of the famous quote
    “Love your neighbours as your brothers”
    Instill competetion in them,but do not compete that much that your child states hating them.

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