Govardhana Giri Puuja

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Bhaarateeyas always respected Nature and their fellow living creatures. Bhuuta-daya was the foremost in our Saampradaayam. Infact they do puuja of Prakruti assuming its Parameshvarii’s ruupam.

Gopaalakas used to every year do Indra-yaagam. Seeing this Paramaatma, Shri Krishna, who then was 7 years old, said “O Nandaraaja! What is the reason behind doing Indra-yaagam”?

Nandaraaja replied “Krishna! Yagnya-yaagams are a way of showing Krutagnyata. We show our Krutagnyata to Devatas, Devendra. A Krutagnya only deserves help and not a Krutaghna. Hence if we do Indra-Yaagam, Devatas will help us, leading to Loka-hitam”.

Nandakishora replied “Devatas alone do not give Phala-siddhi. One’s Karma (what good and what bad he did) is the main reason for Phala-siddhi. Hence one must always follow his Sva-dharmam. With Bhagavat-bhakti, Dharma-kaaryams must be done.

This Prakruti is what we see directly, and Paramaatma, Devendra, Devatas are who we cannot see. Hence leaving this Pratyaksha-daivam, Prakruti, is not correct. We all live under this Govardhana-giri. For us this Govardhana and Gomaatas are Pratyaksha-daivams. Gomaatas, Viprottamas, Saadhus, Vedams are all Puujaniiyam. This Pavitra Govardhana Giri came from Mahaavishnu’s Vakshasthalam and brought here by Pulastya muni. Hence let us do pooja of this Govardhana giri and Gomaatas. This is My abhimatam (wish)”.

Sannanda, one of the greatest Vruddhas replied “Nandanandana! What You spoke are Amruta vaakyams. You are Gnyaana-svaruupa, Paramaatma. Your words are Shirodhaaryam for us (must be followed by us). Please tell us how to do Govardhana-giri puuja”?

Paramaatma replied “Taata! We must clean the bhuu-bhaagam near the Giri-paadam, purify with Gomayam. Then must put beautiful Rangoli on it. With all puujaa-dravyams, we must do Shodashopachaara pooja as told in Shaastrams. Abhishekams must be done with Triveni-sangama-jalam, Go-ksheeram. After Deepaaraadhana, we must do Giri-pradakshinams and Namaskaarams. We must then do Naivedyam. After Neeraajanam, we must do Go-puuja and then do many Daanams”. Every one became enthusiastic. They were longing to start the Giri-puuja.

Shri Krishna then continued “before coming for puuja, do all your Kartavyams (duties) and then only come. Do not leave Vruddhas hungry in the house and come. Feed the Vruddhas, baalakas first. Feed the Gomaatas, pashu-pakshis (cattle, brids), Shunakams (dogs), other domestic animals and then come”.

On a Shubha-vaasaram, all Gopaalakas did as told by Shri Krishna, decorated themselves, Gomaatas and came in huge numbers to do Govardhana-giri puuja. Nandaraaja, Yashodaa Devi, Rohinii Devi, Balaraama-Krishna, Garga Maharshi came. Navanandas and Vrushabhaanu brought Raadhaa Devi in a Suvarna-aandolika (golden palaquin).

Devatas, Apsaras, Raajarshis, Maharshis many came. Paarvatii-Parameshvara also came to see the Divya-puuja. After puuja, Govardhana Giriraaja appeared with Chaturbhujas and gave His anugraham to the Vraja-vaasis. Everywhere people were shouting “Jayaho Shri Krishna Paramaatma, Jayaho Govardhana Giriraaja”.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Destroying Natural resources, Nature was never Bhaarateeyata. They infact used to do puuja of Prakruti assuming it as Aadi-shakti. This was well shown in the story through the words of Shri Krishna.
  2. Bhaarateeyas also believed in Bhuuta-daya. As Shri Krishna said, Bhuuta-daya is one of their Kartavyams. Shri Krishna asks Gopaalas to feed Vruddhas, Baalakas, other domestic animals and then only come for pooja.
  3. The Amruta-vaakyams of Shri Krishna must never be forgotten. One must never leave his Sva-dharmam.
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