Nija Bhakta Hrudayam

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One night, Shri Raama Chandra Murty was taking rest. He put His head on His Parama-mitra Sugreeva’s lap. Bhakta Hanumaan and Angada were doing Paramaatma Paada-seva. Lakshmana was arranging the aayudhams and gaurding everyone.

Shri Raama’s drushti was caught by the beautiful Pournami-Chandra. He saw Chandra and said “can anyone of you explain the dark regions in Chandra”.

Everyone gave their explanations. They proved their arguments also. However Hanumaan said “Chandra is Parama-bhakta of Nila-megha-shyaama, Mahaavishnu. Since Paramaatma is a Bhakta-varada, He always stays in a Bhakta’s Hrudayam. ‘Naaham vasaami Vaikunthe Na Yogi Hrudaye Ravou. Madbhakta yatra gaayanti, tatra tishthaami Naarada’. Hence it is Shri Raama who is in the Chandra’s Hrudayam. Hence Chandra is able to give Amrutam and Aushadhas to the worlds. This explains the dark region (because Shri Raama is Neela-megha-shyaama)”.

Shri Raama had great aanandam seeing the Bhakti of Hanumaan. A true Bhakta recognizes and respects the Bhakti of others, as Hanumaan did for Chandra. A Bhakta also sees Paramaatma in everything, like Hanumaan saw in Chandra.

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  1. How great bhakti hanuman ji has its reaally awesome

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