Long time ago, Bandar, which is in Aandhra Pradesh, was a small town. One day a person was walking on a street of Bandar. The style of his walk itself showed his honesty. After all only an honest person never needs to lower his head.

This person saw something on the road and it stopped him. It was the cry of a young boy. The boy was sitting outside his house and crying. The person approched the boy asked him why he was crying. Seeing the Daya in his eyes, the boy told his story “Swaamy! My father died recently. We are three brothers and our Maata is there. I am the eldest brother. I searched a lot for a job, but I was not able to get one anywhere”.

The person thought for a while; he wanted to help the young boy somehow. He said “come with me”. They both went to a Bank. The person talked to the Manager and the person requested the Manager to train the boy on some Bank related work. The boy learnt the work with great shraddha. One month was over and the person gave money to the boy from his own pocket. Similarly, the next month, the person only gave money to the boy. From the third month onward, since the boy had enough experience, the Bank itself recruited him and thus the young boy was able to stand on his own legs.

The person was none other than “Dr. Bhogaraaju Pattaabhi Seetaaraamayya“. He was one of the freedom fighters and did great Desha-seva. He was born on 24th November 1880 in Gundugolanu village, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh.
Though Shri Seetaaraamayya could have just given the boy some money and consoled him, he didnt choose to do that. Instead he spent his valuable time, made the person learn to stand on his own legs and did true help to the poor family. May be this is why Panditas say “Samaya Daanam” is the greatest Daanam.

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  1. I am from Andhra Pradesh and I am happy to know such a great man was born in our State. Thank You for this great story.

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