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One day Devatas, Munis, Maanavas, did seva of Parameshvara and asked “Svaami! Devaadhideva! make someone an adhipati of vighnams and ganams (give us a Ganapati, Vighneshvara) and bless us”. Both Gajaanana and Shanmukha, the putras of Paarvati-Parameshvara, said “Please grant Me Ganaadhipatyam”. Seeing this Paramashiva said “Kumaaras! I will give Ganaadhipatyam to the one of you two who does tiirtha-snaanams (holy-dips) in all the punya-nadis (sacred rivers) in all tribuvanams and comes back here first”.

Hearing this, Kumaarasvamy took His mayuura-vaahanam and left at great speed. Disappointed, Gajaanana, approached His pita, Shankara and said “knowing My weakness why did You put such a competition? I dont know a greater thing than Maata-pita seva. So please have Krupa on Me and tell Me an upaayam” and did seva of Them. Impressed with Gajaanana, Paramashiva replied

“सकृत् नारायणॆत्युत्वा पुमान् कल्पशतत्रयम् गङ्गादि सर्वतीर्थॆषुस्नातॊ भवति पुत्रक!”

Gajaanana did namaskaarams to Maata-pita and with great bhakti did “Naaraayana” Naama-smarana and stayed in Kailaasam. Because of this, whichever punya-nadi Kumaarasvaamy went, there He saw that His bhraata, Gajaanana, already took bath and was going to another nadi. Like this He saw in all 3 crore 50 lakhs punya-nadis. Finally He reached Kailaasam did namaskaarms to Paramashiva and said “please give this Ganaadhipatyam to Bhraata only. Not knowing His shakti, I challenged Him”. Thus Gajaanana was made Ganapati on Bhaadrapada Shukla Chaturthi.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Importance of Maata-Pita seva is well shown by Gajaanana. He said there is nothing greater than Their seva and did seva to them. Impressed by this, Paramashiva told Him a way to win the competition.
  2. Greatness of Bhagavat-naama-smarana is well shown in the story. As Parameshvara said by doing Naaraayana-naama-smarana, one gets the punyam of doing punya-snaanam in all tiirthas in tribhuvanams.

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