Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum – 2

(Continuation of this story)
One day Baalakrishna was playing with Gopabaalas. Saying “you are veshadhaaris (actors) and I am the Sutradhaari (Director)” He made them play many interesting games. While they were playing, came sweet smell of boiled milk (ksheeram). They went into the house from which the aroma came and found pots full of boiled milk. Vishva-vasu-pradaata, Shri Krishna, then distributed the ksheeram among the Gopabaalas. Further He also broke the empty Ghatams (pots).

Thinking that this was an act of mischief and not realizing its meaning, a Gopika approached Yashoda and complained thus “O Padati! Your Son did this mischief in our house. Does your child have any bhayam-bhakti”? Who can understand the acts of Leelamaanusha Vigraha, Shri Krishna ?

Let us see what Jagadguru Shri Krishna wanted to teach us through this story:

The shabdam Ksheeram means milk, water, madhura padaartham — and in general represents any thing which is supposed to be shared. Through this story Jagadguru Shri Krishna wanted to teach us that never should a thing which is of use to everybody, and hence which is supposed to be shared, should be stored for personal use with Svaartham. That is why the Lord shared the ksheeram stored by the Gopika among all and later broke the Ghatams so that the Gopika should no longer store ksheeram for themselves. The shabdam Ghatam represents ashaashvata bandhams — by getting detached to which only enables one to realize the Paramaatma in everyone (and thus forget bheda-bhaavam of you and me).

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  1. I have also heard that this breaking of the ghatam and throwing it away taking only the butter is analogous to how Lord Krishna finally throws off the shariram and only takes the Atman from inside!

    Each of the wonderful stories from the purANas have significances at various levels; beginning from a ‘mere’ kavyam, to a wonderful story, to principles of dharma and even vedanta! We should always appreciate them at all the levels, but focus on the greater lessons that it has for us, well brought out in these moral stories!

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