Vikramaaditya saves a Vipra-strii

One day a Vaishya came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and said “Raaja! One night, when I was in Madhuraanagaram, doing Vartakam, I heard an aarta-naadam from Uttara-disha. From the Nagara-vaasis I came to know that there lives a raakshasa near a Parvatam on the North side of the Nagaram. There is a Kaalikaalayam too there. Everyday night, they hear these aartanaadams”.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Kaalikaalayam. Till it was night, he did Praarthana in the Aalayam. At night, he heard the aartanaadam. He saw the Raakshasa torturing a strii. Vikramaaditya Maharaja couldnt tolerate Strii-himsa. He immediately pounced on the Raaksha and did his Vadha. He then asked “Maata! Who are you? Why is this Raakshasa paining you”? The strii did Namaskaaram to show her Krutagnyata and said

“Prabhu! I am a Viprottama’s arthaangi. I used to always unnecessarily fight/argue with my Bharta and cause grief to him. That Shaanta-muurti tolerated me for a very long time. One day he got very angry with me and gave shaapam that “everyday get beatings from the Raakshasa near Kaalikaalayam and clean your paapams”. When I had pashchaattaapam and asked for Shaapaantaram, he said that Dharmaatma, Dhairya-shaali Vikramaditya Maharaja will do Raakshasa-samhaaram and save you. From that day onwards everyday I am seeing Narakam because of the Raakshasa. Because of your Divya-darshanam I got Vimukti. How can I show my Krutagnyata?”. Saying like this, she showed Vikramaditya a Nidhi that had 1crore Gold coins which was under the control of the Raakshasa. She then said “Maharaja! Since you did Raakshasa-samhaaram, you are the adhikaari of this Nidhi. Please take this Nidhi”.

Vikramaditya Maharaja then gave away the Nidhi to the Strii and said “Sukhiibhava”. After telling this story, the Pratima on the Vikramaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Paropakaara Buddhi? Like Vikramaditya I hope you also dont have Dhana-kanksha”.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi of Vikramaditya is well shown in the story. After saving the Vipra-strii, he gave away the Nidhi to her and blessed her to live happily.
  2. The Dharma-vartanam and Veeratvam of Vikramaditya is shown in the story. Following Raaja-dharmam, he protect the strii and with great Dharyam did dushta-samhaaram.

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Ugraayudha, the Raaja of Ajaamiidha vamsham, was very famous. He was a balavanta. He even got the Chakraayudham from Shri Hari. However he then got Ahankaaram. With Bala-garvam, he used to unnecessarily do Yuddhams with other Kings. He stopped thinking about Dharmam-adharmam, Nyaayam-anyaayam, Saadhyam-asaadhyam. None used to stand before him in Yuddham. Many became his saamanta-raajas, others lost their lives in the Yuddham. This increased his Ahankaaram.

Once he heard that Devavrata (Bheeshmaachaarya) was a Veeraadhiveera. He heard that in the Bhuu-mandalam, no one can defeat him. Ugraayudha then decided to do Yuddham against Gaangeya, so took a huge Sainyam and reached Hastinaapuram.

Just at that time the Pita of Bheeshmaachaarya, Shantana mahaaraja became a Svargastha. Bheeshmaachaarya had great duhkham. The Shraaddha-karma was not yet over by that time. Only few days were over. Ugraayudha thought it was the right chance and sent a duuta to Devavrata:

“Bheeshma! There is no one who can defeat me. You also know this. You also know the power of the Chakraayudham. I dont want your Aishvaryam, Raajyam. I want Matsyagandhi, Bhuvanaika-sundari, Satyavatii Devi. I will give you one day time”. Bheeshmaachaarya became very angry listening to the Dur-bhaasha of the Dushta. He couldnt bear that someone spoke like this about his Maata, Pativrata, Satyavatii Devi. Immediately he ordered Yuddham against the Dushta, Ahankaari Ugraayudha.

However, the Panditas, Purohitas, Nitya-hita-kaamas said “O Dharmaatma! Bheeshma! Ugraayudha is like a Pipiilakam (ant) before you. There is no need for you to go for Yuddham. Also your Pita’s Shraaddha-karma is not yet over. Shraddha is the most important thing in Pitru-kaaryas. You must not take Aayudhas, Divya-vastras now. Also one must always try to avoid Yuddham, because of its evil effects on the samaajam. Hence you send a Duuta, use Saama-daana-Bheda Upaayas and try. Then you can try Danda-upaayam. By that time the Pitru-kaaryam will also be over”.

The Dharmagnya, Bheeshma, listened to the advise of the Panditas and sent a Duuta to Ugraayudha. However all the efforts of the Duutas went waste. The Durahankaari never listened to them. Infact he immediately used his Chakraayudham on Gaangeya. However even the Chakraayudham became nistejam because of the Paativratyam of Satyavatii Devi and Dharmabalam of Bheeshmaachaarya!

The Chakram kept on spinning but didnt move an inch!! Ugraayudha used all his aatma-shakti, but the Chakraayudham never moved. Ugraayudha thought “Chakraayudham is more powerful than Brahmaastram. What is stopping it? May be because Bheeshma now has Aashouchakam, the Chakram is not approaching him. I will wait till the Aashouchakam is over”. However, even after the Pitrukarma was over, the Chakraayudham didnt move, it stayed in the same place in the air, spinning. Ugraayudha was amazed.

In no time Bheeshma reached the place, along with his Anuja Vichitraveerya. In the hands of the Veera, Bheeshma, Ugraayudha lost his life. Seeing the Bala-paraakramam of Bheeshma, even the Devatas were surprised. All the people who were supressed in the Paalanam of Ugraayudha, then did Stuti of Bheeshmaachaarya.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Ahankaaram destroys the person having it. One must always remember that there is always someone who is greater than us. Even though Ugraayudha got Shri Hari’s Chakram, just because of Ahankaaram, he was destroyed.
  2. A real Veera never shows off his Balam (see this too). Ugraayudha, with Bala-garvam, always did Yuddhams. Whereas Bheeshma, even though he had the Shakti to kill Ugraayudha, tried to send Shaanti-sandesham to Ugraayudha.
  3. One who wishes a Para-strii, that too a Pativrata, will be destroyed. Before the Paativratyam of Satyavatii Devi, and Dharmabalam of Bheeshma, even the Vishnu-chakram became equivalent to a grass-shoot!
  4. The amruta-vaakyas of the Panditas must always be remembered. Bheeshma followed the Dharmabodha of his Purohitas and was able to complete the Pitru-kaaryam and also teach Ugraayudha a lesson.

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Shri Raama — Dhanurvedecha-nishchayah

(Part of this series of stories. 15th Sadgunam)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

Kaartaveeryaajuna was the Raaja of Mahishmatii-nagaram. With Tapobalam, he got 1000 Baahu (hands) and was doing Raajya-paalana with Bala-darpam.

Once Raavana, on the way of returning from a Vijaya-yaatra, came to Narmadaa-nadii-teeram. It was time for Madhyaahnika-Sandhyaavandanam. After taking snaanam in the nadi and doing Sandhyaavandanam, since he always did shat-kaala-Shiva-pooja (6 times Shiva pooja per day), he started doing abhishekam to the Svarna-lingam, which he always carried with him. With his 20 baahu (hands) he did Shiva-pooja, doing Veda-paaraayana with his 10 mouths. With great Bhakti he did Shiva-pooja, in accordance with Shaastras.

Suddenly Narmadaa, reversed its direction of flow and washed his pooja materials away! He came to know that 0.5 Yojanam away, Sahasra-baahu (Kaartaveeryaajuna), was doing Jala-kreeda with thousands of women, stopping the flow of Narmadaa with his hands!

Then Raavana with anger went to fight with Kaartaveeryaajuna. There was a fierce Yuddham between the two. Like two Suuryas, two Mada-gajas, they fought each other. Finally Kaartaveeryaajuna won over Raavana and put him in prison. Seeing this all the Devatas, maharshis were happy. Everybody was taking about this episode only. They were surprised to see the mahaa-balavanta Raavana being defeated. The whole of Svarga-lokam was echoing with the story of the Shakti and Veeratvam of Kaartaveeryaajuna. Pulastya Brahma, the grand father (pitaa-maha) of Raavana, also heard this. He immediately went to Kaartaveeryaajuna.

Kaartaveeryaajuna said “Mahaanubhaava! I am dhanya to have got your Darshanam. Please tell me what I need to do. I and my people are ready to do what you order”. Pulastya Brahma replied “O Raaja! I am happy with your Bhakti and Shakti. You got the name ‘Raavana Vijeta’. Now leave my pautra (grandson)”. Immediately Kaartaveeryaajuna left Raavana, after doing satkaaram to him and agni-saakshi mitratvam with him.

Later, only because of his bala-garvam, Kaartaveeryaajuna fought with Parashuraama, the avataar of Mahaavishnu. Kaartaveeryaajuna was killed in the Yuddham!! Aha! There is always someone who is greater than oneself. Hence we must never have garvam, darpam.

After Shri Raama’s Divya-leela of Shiva-dhanurbhanjanam and Sitaa-Kalyaanam, Parashuraama comes and asks Shri Raama to take the Vishnu-dhanuh, if He really has shakti and knows Dhanurvidya. Just on the very touch of Shri Raama of the Vishnu-dhanuh, all the Bhagavat-shakti of Parashuraama enters Shri Raama. Parashuraama realizes that Shri Raama is Paramaatma Himself, does stotram of Shri Raama and leaves the place.

Discussion of the story:
One nice example of showing knowledge of Shri Raama on Dharnurveda is this story. Raavana who defeated all Devatas, Dik-paalakas, his brother Kubera and the Yakshas, was easily defeated by Kaartaveeryaajuna. The bala-garvam of Kaartaveeryaajuna was removed by Parashuraama. Then a baalaka, of just 16 years, Shri Raama, not even by using the Vishnu-dhanuh, just by touching it, did Garva-bhangam of Parashuraama! Thus Shri Raama did avataara-anusandhaanam and Yuga-anusandhaanam with this Leela.

Using the dhanuh and winning a Yuddham is the act of ordinary Veeras and Shuuras. Just by doing anusandhaanam of Shiva-dhanuh, Shri Raama broke the Shiva-dhanuh! And just while taking the Vishnu-dhanuh from Parashuraama, He won over Parashuraama. Thus Shri Raama is known as “Dhanurvedecha Nishchitah”.

Even though Shri Raama had so much Shakti, Balam and knew all Shastra-astras, He always had Vinayam and never left Dharma-maargam. Whereas Raavana even though had such alpa-shakti (when compared to Shri Raama), had a lot of Ahankaaram.

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Shri Raama — Rakshitaa-svasyadharmasya

(Part of this series of stories. 12th Sadgunam)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

(This story has great Aadhyaatma-tattvam. Here we present a short version in morals perspective)

On Chitrakuuta-parvatam, Shri Raama, Seeta Devi and Lakshmana used to stay in Siddha-aashramas of maharshis. One day Shri Raama ans Seeta Devi did Vana-vihaaram and Jala-kreeda. Shri Raama, who was tired, slept in the lap of Jaganmaata, Jaanaki. Then a Vaayasam (crow), by name Kaakaasura, came there and started hurting Janaka-nandini with its beak and nails. Kshmaa-suta, with great sahanam, took the pain and didnt disturb the sleep of Shri Raama and showed Her paati-vratyam. The blood of Seeta devi then fell on Shri Raama. Shri Raama got great Krodham on the one who hurted His Arthaangi and since he didnt have any shastra-astras, took a grass-shoot and used it as Brahma-astram with His Mantra-shakti.

The Vaayasam ran for there for its life. It was not an ordinary Vaayasam, it was the putra of Devendra and had Divya-shakti. But who can save anyone for Shri Raama baanam? It ran to all Tri-jagas. It pleaded the Devatas to protect, it asked Devendra. But everone said there are helpless. After it searched a lot for someone to protect it, it realized than none other than Purushottama, Shri Raama Chandra Himself can protect it and approached Him and asked for Sharanaagati.

Shri Raama Chandra has a vratam that even if a Shatru, apakaari comes and asks for Sharanam, then He will protect him from everything (See this too). Shri Raama, the Sharanaagata-vatsala then gave Abhayam to Kaakaasura. However since Shri Raama baanam is amogham, Shri Raama asked Kaakasura to show Him something on which the Brahmaastram must act. Then Kaakaasura asked the Brahmaastram to take its right-eye.

Discussion of the story:

The prathama-kartavyam of a Bharta, is to protect his Bhaarya. Though Shri Raama didnt have any weapons, as soon as He knew that His Bhaarya was pained by Kaakaasura, He used a grass-shoot as an astram and taught the Kaakaasura a lesson. This shows that in any circumstances Shri Raama was able to do Rakshana of His Dharma-patni. The same mistake of causing grief to Seeta Devi was also done by Raavana; but Shri Raama following His Sharanaagati-dharmam protected Kaakaasura when he came to Shri Raama’s aashrayam. However Raavana never realized his mistake and hence was destroyed (with the same Brahmaastram!).

Hence the episodes of Kaakaasura and Raavana-vadha clearly show that Shri Raama had enough Shakti, Yukti for doing Rakshana of His Svadharmam in any circumstances.

Other Divya-gunas of Shri Raama to be learnt from the story:

  1. Shri Raama’s Veeratvam, Shakti and Astra-vidya are well shown in the story. Even though He was sleeping, didnt have any shastras near Him, with His Mantra-shakti, He could do dushta-shikshana.
  2. “Kaalaagni sadrusha Krodhe Kshamayaa Pruthivii samah”. He is like Kaalaagni when He does dushta-sikshana and is like Bhuu-devi when it comes to Kshama. Kaakaasura, though he did a mistake, realized and asked Shri Raama for sharanam and saved Himself.

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Ekachakrapura Baka Vadha

Yudhishthira said to Kuntidevi “Maata! why are you doing such a Saahasam? Why are you doing Putra-tyaagam? Believing in whose Baahu-balam we are living happily, believing in whose balam we are hoping that we will get our Raajyam back, fearing whose Veeryam Duryodhana aadi Kauravas dont get sleep, depending on whose Veeratvam we all saved our lives in the laakshaa-gruham (wax-house), whose greatness put an end to Purochana — why are you doing Tyaagam of such a Bhiimasena?”

Kuntidevi replied “we are now living under the aashrayam of this Viprotaama. It is our minimum duty to show Krutagnyata and do Pratyupakaaram to him. Even otherwise, since we are Kshatriyas (one who saves from Kshatam or difficulties), we must protect the people who need help. Hence we must protect this Braahmana. We need not worry about Bhiimasena; he will surely come back safely — we saw his ananta-balam when he killed Hidimbaasura. He carried all of us in Vaaranaavatam and saved us from the fire. He even has the strength of doing Yuddham with Devendra! On the very day he was born, when I dropped him by mistake, he was unaffected whereas the stone on which he fell broke into pieces! Thinking of all these things I have sent Bhiimasena to kill Bakaasura and save the villagers. Vyaasa Bhagavaan told us to what uttama-lokas a person whose does Paropakaaram will reach”.

Yudhidhthira was happy listening to these amruta-vaakyas of Kuntidevi and with full-heart did aashiirvachanam to Bhiimasena. As planned, Bhiimasena reached the nivaasam of the raakshsa, along with the cart full of aahaaram. He shouted for the raakshasa and he himself started eating the food in the cart. Seeing that the food which was brought for him, was being eaten away by Bhiimasena, the raakshasa started stamping his foot onto the ground with great strength. Bhiimasena didnt respond. Seeing this, the raakshasa gave a mushti-ghaatam (strong punch) on Bhiima’s back. Bhiimasena didnt feel anything and continued to eat. With anger, the raakshasa tried to uproot a mahaa-vruksham and throw it on Bhiimasena. Meanwhile, Bhiimasena completed his Bhojanam, did aachamanam, shuddhi of his hands and legs (see this too) and got ready for the Yuddham.

Bhiimasena threw back the Vruksham. For sometime they did Yuddham with Vrukshams. Then raakshasa caught Bhiimasena binding him, Bhiimasena also did the same. Both were squeezing each other. Finally the raakshasa became tired. Then, supporting with legs, Bhiimasena gave a strong mushti-ghaaatam on Bakasura’s back.

Crying for help, bleeding, the raakshasa died. Hearing this aarta-naadam, the relatives of the raakshasa came out. Bhiimasena said “if you all do pratignya and leave Maanava-aahaaram, I will spare you; else you will get the same fate as Bakaasura”. Immediately everyone did Pratignya. The villagers happy to see the end of the Bakaasura.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Dharma-bodha of Kuntidevi shows us the importance of Krutagnyata and parokaaram.
  2. How a sajjana uses his Balam, Dhairyam and helps the society is well shown in the story. On the other hand, Kauravas spent all their strength in destroying Paandavas, due to their Iirsha, Asuuya and Maatsaryam.

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Bharata — Dushyanta putra

(see this Bharata’s story too)

Bharata was the putra of the great Dushyanta and Shakuntala. Kanva maharshi did the jaataka-karmaadi samskaaram of Bharata. Bharata was Shri Hari’s amsha and was a paraakramashaali. Right from his childhood he was a Balashaali. He used to catch ferocious lions and play with them in his childhood! Dushyanta did pattaabhishekam of Bharata and went to the forests for Tapas. After Dushyanta, Bharata did Dharma-paalanam of this entire Bhuumandalam.

Bharata, the mahaa-yashasvi, became Chakravarti of the Sapta-dviipas. Since he is a Daiva-amsha-sambhuuta, his name will always be remembered. On his Dakshina hastam, Bharat had Chakra-chinham and on his legs had Padma-kosha Chinham.

He did 55 Ashvamedha Yaagas in the Karma Bhuumi between Gangaa-Saagara-sangamam and Gangotpatti-sthaanam. Later, with Diirghatapasa as Purohita, on the Yamunaa-tiiram, Bharata did 78 Ashvamedha Yaagas!

A collection 13084 Gomaata (cows) is called as “Dvandvam”. Bharata did “Dvandvam” daanam, along with the calfs, decorated with golden ornaments, to 1000 Viprottamas. During “Mashnaara” Yagnyam, he gave daanam of 1400000 Gajas (elephants), along with suvarnam (gold). Panditas say that, there has been none before and will be none after Bharata who did such adbhuta daanams!

Bharata was a great Dhairya, Paraakrama-shaali. During the course of the Ashvamedha Yaagams, Bharata caught 3300 ashvas and surprised the Kings! Bharata did dushta-samhaaram — he did vadha of Kiraata, Huuna, Yavana, Poundra, Kanku, Khashu, Shaku, Mlechchha and other Sanaata-Dharma-viruddha Raajas. Long ago, the asuras once defeated the Devatas, took away the Devata-striis and hid them in Rasaatalam. Bharata saved all of them and returned them to the Devatas. During his rule, both Svargam and Pruthvi used to give whatever the praja wanted.

Though Bharata had more sampada than Kubera and was unparalled in Paraakramam, knowing that Dhanam, Aishvaryam, Raajya-lakshmi, his priya putras … are all mithya, he never had Vishaya-bhogas and always wanted Shaanti. He did Yuddham of Dharma-sthaapana and not with Keerti-kaanksha or Raajya-kaanksha. Like this, with Vairaagyam, he did paalanam of this Bharata Khandam for 27000 years (see Kaala-maanam)! From him only the Bharata-vamsham originated. Also the Divya Mahaa-bhaarata aamnaayam, which was originally named by Vyaasa as Jayam, got its name as “Bhaaratam” because it describes this Bharata’s Vamsha-charitra. (this is only one of the meanings of Bhaaratam)

Morals in the story:

  1. The daana, paropakaara gunams of Bharata must be cultivated by all of us. People say a person who did so many divya-kaaaryas never ever existed or will ever exist (Na bhuuto na bhavishyati).
  2. Though Bharata had Paraakramam and Dhairyam, he did not do Yuddhams with Raajya, Dhana Kaanksha. He killed Kings who are against Sanaata-dharmam and did Dharma-sthaapana.
  3. The Vairaagya buddhi of Bhaarateeyas is well displayed in this story. They do Karma, but never are interested in the materialistic benifits of it and do it with Paropakaara-bhaavana.


It is indeed our adrushtam to be born as Bhaarateeyas. Bhaarata-desham is the only Karma-bhuumi. Hence, though Bharata ruled entire Bhuumandalam, he did all the Yaagas, Yagnyams, Vratams in this Karma-bhuumi only. As told in many of the previous stories, there are many Divya-kshetras, Siddha-pradeshas, Siddha-aashramams in this Bhaarata Desham.

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Veera Abhimanyu

Dharmaraaja comes to the middle of the Yuddha-kshetram and reminds both sides of the people regarding a few ground rules before the start of the Yuddham:

  • During the yuddham, even if we are in rage, we must never scold our enemies or insult them.
  • Me must firmly adhere to Yuddha Neeti (follow timings, dont interfere when two people are fighting etc., many many other such rules).
  • In case anyone wants to shift sides in the last moment, they can. Listening to this, Yuyuutsava comes from the side of adharmam (Kauravas) to Dharmam (Paandavas)

In our Bhaarateeya aachaaram, even wars used to be fought following a strict set of rules. The Yuddha Neeti was firmly followed by both sides in Kurukshetra Yuddham till the following episode happened:

Abhimanyu, the putra of Arjuna and Subhadraadevi, was a very great Yoddha. His Saahasam, Veeratvam, Dhairyam are even now remembered.

After Abhimanyu entered the Padmavyuuham, he made great Mahaarathas, Senaadhipatis, run away from the field. Seeing this Dronaacharya came towards Abhimanyu, after making the Sarva-sainyaadhipati of Paandavas, Drushtadyumna, unconscious. However Abhimanyu defeated Dronaachaarya and made him unconscious!

That day single-handed Abhimanyu killed 1 Akshauhini sena (21870 Ratham, 21870 Gaja, 65410 Ashva, 109350 Padaatidalam)!! Many famous Kings, Raaraajas got Veeramaranam through the hands of Abhimanyu. Seeing that out of the original Kaurava sena of 11 Akshauhini, 1 Akshauhini was vanquished by Abhimanyu in 1 day, Dronaachaarya decided that if Abhimanyu is not killed, no one will be left in Kaurava sena. He says

“O Mahaayoddhas! This Abhnimanyu can never be defeated even by Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshvara. So let all of us attack him at once. Leave thought about Dharmam-adharmam, Nyaayam-anyaayam. The only way to save our lives is by killing him, through whatever means”.

Immediately Karna attacked from the back. From back he broke Veeraabhimanyu’s bow. Krupaachaarya killed the horses of Abhimanyu’s ratham. Ashvatthaama killed the Ratha-saarathi and next moment Dronaachaarya powdered the Ratham and Abhimanyu’s other aayudhams.

Thus the Kauravas cunningly killed the paraakramashaali, Abhimanyu. Meanwhile Ghatotkacha killed Alambusa, who was stopping Ghatotkacha reaching the place where Abhimanyu was there. Ghatotkacha came and defeated Drona aadi veeras and felt great duhkham seeing that his brother, Abhimanyu was dead. He reported this entire Vruttaantam to Paandavas.

Thus Kauravas first broke the firm rules of Yuddha Neeti. According to Yuddha Neeti, once it is broken by a particular side, it need not be followed by the other side.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Saahasam, Dhairya gunam of Veera-Abhimanyu must be aadarsham for us. Dhairyam is one of the main sadgunas that everyone of us need to have.
  2. Whatever happens Dharmam must be followed. Kauravas, just because they were afraid to loose their lives, did adharma yuddham and killed Abhimanyu.
  3. The greatness of Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam is well shown in this story, through their Yuddha Neeti. Even in wars, where in that heavy state of mind people try do whatever comes to their mind, our Bhaarateeyas used to follow many rules. Hence even our Yuddhams are different from those of others.
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