Long time ago, Bandar, which is in Aandhra Pradesh, was a small town. One day a person was walking on a street of Bandar. The style of his walk itself showed his honesty. After all only an honest person never needs to lower his head.

This person saw something on the road and it stopped him. It was the cry of a young boy. The boy was sitting outside his house and crying. The person approched the boy asked him why he was crying. Seeing the Daya in his eyes, the boy told his story “Swaamy! My father died recently. We are three brothers and our Maata is there. I am the eldest brother. I searched a lot for a job, but I was not able to get one anywhere”.

The person thought for a while; he wanted to help the young boy somehow. He said “come with me”. They both went to a Bank. The person talked to the Manager and the person requested the Manager to train the boy on some Bank related work. The boy learnt the work with great shraddha. One month was over and the person gave money to the boy from his own pocket. Similarly, the next month, the person only gave money to the boy. From the third month onward, since the boy had enough experience, the Bank itself recruited him and thus the young boy was able to stand on his own legs.

The person was none other than “Dr. Bhogaraaju Pattaabhi Seetaaraamayya“. He was one of the freedom fighters and did great Desha-seva. He was born on 24th November 1880 in Gundugolanu village, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh.
Though Shri Seetaaraamayya could have just given the boy some money and consoled him, he didnt choose to do that. Instead he spent his valuable time, made the person learn to stand on his own legs and did true help to the poor family. May be this is why Panditas say “Samaya Daanam” is the greatest Daanam.

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Dushta-saangatya Dosham

On the way to the great Ujjaini Nagaram, there was a Pippala-Vruksham (Ashwattha Vruksham). On it use to live a Vaayasam (crow) and a Hamsa. One afternoon, when Suurya-deva was showing His power, came a Paantha (traveller). He not able to tolerate the heat, thought of taking rest in the shade of the Ashwattha Vruksham. When he was taking rest, the Hamsa saw that, through the gaps between leaves of tree, sun-light was directly falling on the face of the Paantha.

Hamsa, who was a Dayaalu, couldnt see this and spread out his wings and thus gave shade to the Paantha sleeping under the tree. Seeing the Paantha was sleeping happily, the Vaayasam got Iirsha due to his natural Dushta-svabhaavam. The Vaayasam, out of Matsaram, put his puriishotsargam (put its droppings) on the face of the Paantha and flew away.

Though it had nothing to gain by troubling the traveller, it troubled him because, for Dushtas Para-piida (paining others) itself gives pleasure. The Paantha woke up and saw the Hamsa which was above him and thinking that it has done this to him, shot it with an arrow. The innocent Hamsa fell down and died.

Morals in the Story:

  1. The Daya of Hamsa is great. Not able to see the difficulty of the traveller, it spread its wings, took all the heat and protected the traveller. There is no greater Dharmam than Paropakaaram.
  2. Even though the Hamsa is a sajjana, just because it stayed with the Vaayasam (dushta), it got into difficulties. One must never be in the Saagatyam of bad. Durjanas not only destroy themselves, but also others with them.
  3. Krodham is one’s greatest enemy. Because of his anger, the traveller, without thinking what actually happened, killed the innocent Hamsa. Coming under Krodham one can do any great paapam, hence one must always be away from it.
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Story of Sunandinii

Sunandinii was the putrika of Sudharma and Sumanasaa. Sunandinii right from childhood was a Shiva Bhakta and used to be very nice to others. Seeing her uttama-gunams, her Maata-Pita used to be very happy. The three of them were always satisfied with what they had and used to do help others in whatever way they could.

Kaalam never remains the same. Change is its nature. Vidhi-vashah once Sunandinii got separated from her Maata-Pita. The small girl searched everywhere. But no use. Searching for them, she reached a forest. A Siddha, who was doing Tapas in the forest, saw this helpless girl and took pity on her. He gave Sunandinii a Divya Phalam and Pushpam and said “O Kumaarii! Take these Divya Phala-Pushpams. As long as you have them you will never have Kshut-pipaasas (hunger and thirst). You will get purusha-ruupam and it will help you survive in this dangerous place”. Sunandinii did Namaskaaram to the Siddha and took the Divya Phala-Pushpams.

Sunandinii continued her search for Maata-Pita. Because of having the Divya Phala-Pushpams she had purusha-ruupam and never had Kshut-pipaasas. When she was going through the forest she heard an aarta-naandam from a Vruddha-strii (old woman). The Vruddha-strii was very hungry and asked Sunandinii to help her. Sunandinii got separated from her Maata-Pita, but not from the Hita-bodha they did. Sunandinii remembered the stories of Saktuprastha, Rantideva and other Mahaa-purushas which she heard from her Maata-pita.

Taking pity on the Vruddha-strii, she wanted to give off the Divya Phala-Pushpams to her, even though she knew it will be very difficult for her to survive without them! The Siddha who was passing by saw this and stopped Sunandinii. He said “O Shubhaanana! Why are you giving away these? Dont you know without them it will be very difficult for you? Is Aatma-raksha not the greatest Dharmam”?

Sunandinii replied “O Tapasvi-Chandrama! My Maata-pita told me that Paropakaaram is the greatest Dharmam. After all the purpose of having this shariiram is to help others and thus progress in Moksha-maargam”. Saying thus, Sunandinii gave off the Divya Phala-Pushpams to the Vruddha-strii. Impressed with the Dharma-buddhi of Sunandinii, Parameshvarii, who came in disguise as the Vruddha-strii, showed Her true form and gave Her Anugraham to Sunandinii.

Jayam to the great Bharata-bhuumi that gave birth to such Mahaapurushas.

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Vikramaaditya saves a Vipra-strii

One day a Vaishya came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and said “Raaja! One night, when I was in Madhuraanagaram, doing Vartakam, I heard an aarta-naadam from Uttara-disha. From the Nagara-vaasis I came to know that there lives a raakshasa near a Parvatam on the North side of the Nagaram. There is a Kaalikaalayam too there. Everyday night, they hear these aartanaadams”.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Kaalikaalayam. Till it was night, he did Praarthana in the Aalayam. At night, he heard the aartanaadam. He saw the Raakshasa torturing a strii. Vikramaaditya Maharaja couldnt tolerate Strii-himsa. He immediately pounced on the Raaksha and did his Vadha. He then asked “Maata! Who are you? Why is this Raakshasa paining you”? The strii did Namaskaaram to show her Krutagnyata and said

“Prabhu! I am a Viprottama’s arthaangi. I used to always unnecessarily fight/argue with my Bharta and cause grief to him. That Shaanta-muurti tolerated me for a very long time. One day he got very angry with me and gave shaapam that “everyday get beatings from the Raakshasa near Kaalikaalayam and clean your paapams”. When I had pashchaattaapam and asked for Shaapaantaram, he said that Dharmaatma, Dhairya-shaali Vikramaditya Maharaja will do Raakshasa-samhaaram and save you. From that day onwards everyday I am seeing Narakam because of the Raakshasa. Because of your Divya-darshanam I got Vimukti. How can I show my Krutagnyata?”. Saying like this, she showed Vikramaditya a Nidhi that had 1crore Gold coins which was under the control of the Raakshasa. She then said “Maharaja! Since you did Raakshasa-samhaaram, you are the adhikaari of this Nidhi. Please take this Nidhi”.

Vikramaditya Maharaja then gave away the Nidhi to the Strii and said “Sukhiibhava”. After telling this story, the Pratima on the Vikramaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Paropakaara Buddhi? Like Vikramaditya I hope you also dont have Dhana-kanksha”.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi of Vikramaditya is well shown in the story. After saving the Vipra-strii, he gave away the Nidhi to her and blessed her to live happily.
  2. The Dharma-vartanam and Veeratvam of Vikramaditya is shown in the story. Following Raaja-dharmam, he protect the strii and with great Dharyam did dushta-samhaaram.

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A guudhachaari of Vikramaaditya Maharaja came running and said “I am coming from Maalava-desham Prabhu. In that Nagaram a Dhanika Vartaka dug a Tataakam (reservoir) with circumference of 16 miles and 50 feet deep. Even then, howmuch ever rains fall, the water is not staying in it, it is absorbed into the ground. Vartaka had duhkham because he thought this Tataakam will be of use to many; but it is not storing water. Aakaasha-vaani then said “O Vaishyashikhaamani! If a saahasa-vanta and a sat-gunavanta comes here and gives himself as bali to Durgaa Devi here, then this Tataakam will be of use to everybody”. The Vartaka then thought will there be any such great person. He then made 32 Pratimas with 32 Crore Gold coins and said that whoever does this Kaaryam gets these Pratimas”.

Immediately Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Tataakam in Maalava Desham, taking his Chandraayudham. He read a shaasanam written “If this Tataakam is filled with water, Praani-koti will be happy”. Immediately he took out his Chandraayudham to cut his throat. Durgaa Devi appeared and said “Raaja! I am happy with your Saahasam. Ask me a Varam”. Vikramaaditya Maharaja replied “Jananii! Make this Tataakam built by this Vartaka-shreshtha useful to everybody”. Devi was very happy with the Paropakaara-buddhi of Vikramaaditya and gave the Varam. She told the Vartaka “use these 32 crore gold coins to build Devaalayas, Satrams and do praja-seva”.

After telling the story the Pratima in Vikramaaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Saahasam and Paropakaara-buddhi that Vikramaaditya Maharaja has“?

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Puraana Katha Shravanam

Puraanam itself means “even though old it is new”. The more one reads them, the more his Gnyaanam will increase. Even though everyone knows the story of Raamaayanam, every time they read, new things are understood.

After having the Darshanam of Agastya Maharshi, on the way to Panchavati, Seetaa Devi feels very tired. She sits under the shade of two huge Vrukshams for rest. As soon as She thinks that it will be good if They get some aahaaram, two Phalas from the Vrukshas fall down. Shri Raama Chandra and Seetaa Mahaalakshmi then eat the two Phalams. Immediately, the Vrukshas become two Divya Gandharva pati-patni and do stotram of the Paramaatma. They say that because they did Paropakaaram, by giving their phalams to people who are hungry, they washed their Paapam, which turned them from Gandharvas to Vrukshas. They then tell what mahaa-paapam they did:

“Shri Raama! We were Gandharva pati-patni. Though we were one of the Devatas, did lot of Punyam to get Gandharva ruupam, we never did any Puraana-shravanam. There was a Seetaa Raamaalayam in our Gandharva Nagaram, in which everyday Divya Puraana-pravachanam used to happen. We never used to listen to the pravachanam and hence never knew what is Dharmam, aachaaram, Saampradaayam. We never used to go to the Devaalayam and even if by chance we go, we used to go empty handed. If we had listened to Puraanams we would have known that we can please the Lord with just Namaskaarams. Infact we used to make fun of others offering Naivedyam, Dhuupam and Deepam to the Lord. Because of this we had to be born as Vrukshams in this Aranyam, and loose Daivatvam. Now because of our Puurva-janam Punyam, we got Your Divya Darshanam and got Vimukti.”

Morals in the Story:

  1. The importance of Puraana-shravanam is well shown in the story. Even though the couple in the story did great Punyam and got Daivatvam, just because they never did Puraana Shravanam, with Ahankaaram they used to make fun of others. If Puraanams are so valuable for Devatas themselves, then imagine how great they are for us, that too in this Kaliyugam!
  2. The greatness of Paropakaaram in shown in the story. Just because the two Vrukshas gave Phalams to people who are in need of them, they got Vimukti. There is no greater Sadgunam than Paropakaaram.

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Mayuura Dhvaja

Knowing that Mayuura Dhvaja caught the divya-ashvam of Yudhishthira who was doing Ashwamedha-yaagam, Krishna-Arjuna reached his Kingdom. Shri Krishna told Arjuna that Mayuura Dhvaja is a Dharmaatma and one of His greatest Bhaktas. So They must be careful while fighting Mayuura Dhvaja. Even Arjuna was not able to handle Mayuura Dhvaja in the Yuddham!! Shri Krishna then Himself came for help.

Mayuura Dhvaja didnt want to fight the Paramaatma, Shri Krishna, but didnt step back from the Yuddham, following Kshatriya-dharmam. So for every arrow he put, he did Shri Krishna naama smarana. Since Bhagavaan always likes getting defeated in the hands of His Bhaktas, Shri Krishna Himself could not stand the arrows of Mayuura Dhvaja!!! When Arjuna asked Shri Krishna said “neither your Gaandeevam nor My sudarshana-chakram can harm this Mahaa-bhakta”. Shri Krishna wanted to show everyone the greatness of Mayuura Dhvaja. The next day Shri Krishna and Arjuna went to Mayuura Dhvaja in disguise of Vipras.

Seeing the Vipras, Mayuura Dhvaja said “O Svaami! Please accept my aatithyam and bless me”. Shri Krishna replied “Raaja! We dont have time for that. There is a big problem. After solving that only We can think about other things”. Mayuura Dhvaja replied “Svaami! Please tell me what is Your difficulty. I will try my best to solve it. If required I am ready to give away my life”. Shri Krishna, who was in Vipra-vesham, replied “Raaja! When We were coming through a forest, a tiger caught My son and ate him. After it ate half, aakaasha-vaani said that if I get half shariiram of Mayuura Dhvaja and give it to the tiger, then I will get back My child. So I came here to ask you to give Me putra-bhiksha”.

“Aaha! I became a dhanya. My body is being used to save the life of a small baby. What more do I want? Aarya! please dont think. Cut me into two and give half of my body to the tiger”, pleaded Mayuura Dhvaja! He at once called his Bhaarya and putra and asked them to cut him into two and give hald body to the Vipras. Though they didnt want to, but knowing that the King ordered in order to do a Divya-kaaryam, they started to cut his body.

Krishna-Arjuna became animishas (without flapping eyes) and saw. They saw water-drops falling from the left eye of Mayuura Dhvaja. Just to show the greatness of Mayuura Dhvaja to others, the Sarvagnya, Shri Krishna said “Raaja! One who gives with 100% manastrupti and santosham then only it is called Tyaagam. If you are sad then you need not give. If you shed tears by seeing the pain of others it is Divyatvam; whereas if you shed tears seeing yourself it is Naichyam. Moham is the reason for this. So dont do if you dont like”.

Mayuura Dhvaja, the maha-bhakta of Shri Krishna, replied “Arya! I am not feeling sad to give my body. If really I was feeling sad for that both my eyes will shed tears. My right half of body is only being used for aarta-rakshana; and the left is not. This part is going waste not being of any use to others. Hence the left-eye is shedding tears“.

Shri Krishna then showed His nija-ruupam, gave aashiirvaadam to Mayuura Dhvaja and returned his previous form. Mayuura Dhvaja did saashtaanga-pranaamam aand returned the Yagnya-ashvam.

Mayuura Dhvaja showed us the perfect nirvachanam for the suukti “Paropakaaraartham idam shariiram”.

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Dadhiichi Mahaa-muni

One who does Paropakaaram will get all Sampadas and will have no difficulties. The Punyam which one gains by doing Paropakaaram is Anantam. Once Brahmadeva put the Punyam got by doing all Dharma-kaaryas and Daanams on one side of the balance and the Punyam got by Paropakaaram on the other — the Punyam gained by doing Paropakaaram out-weighed the other!

“Paraa” was the putrika of Hiranyakashipa and the Bhaarya of Tvashta. Once, she did Tapas for Paramashiva for 1000 years to get santaanam. When Shuula-paani appeared before her, she asked “O Devadeva! Please give me a Shuura, Shastra-astra-avadhya as a Putra”. Paraa after some time, got a putra by name Vrutra. Vrutra right from birth had mahaa-tejas, which increased with the anugraham of Shukraachaarya, the Guru of the asuras.

With Bala-garvam, Vrutraasura attacked Deva-lokam and Devendra. For 5000 years there was a ghora-yuddham between Devatas and Daityas. All the Tri-bhuvanas were affected, disturbed. In the end, Vrutraasura won the Yuddham because of the Varam of Pinaaka-paani. Devendra then went to Brahma-lokam and took aashrayam.

Vrutraasura said to Shukraachaarya “I must also go to Brahmalokam”. Shukraachaarya replied “Daanavanaatha! Now you dont have any way of reaching Brahma-lokam. Be the King of the Tri-bhuvanas and be happy”. Vrutra then replied “Bhaargava! I wont be happy till Devendra is alive. After His naashanam only I will be happy. Why cant I go to Brahma-lokam?”. “Long time ago, Devendra did Tapas with great Nishtha for Shankara-bhagavaan in the pavitra Naimishaaranyam. After such 1000 years of Teevra-Tapas, Devendra got the shakti to go and come from Brahma-lokam. Without any doubt, anybody who does such Tapas in Naimishaaranyam will also get the same phalam”. Knowing this, Vrutraasura started Tapas with ekaagra-chittam for Bhola-shankara.

Seeing Devendra, the Sharana-arthi, Mahaavishnu said “On Sarasvatii-nadii-teeram, Dadhiichi Muni is doing Tapas with parama-nishtha. His asthi (skeleton) is twice as hard as diamond. Request the Muni to give his asthi and using the ‘Vajra-aayudham’ made with his asthi, You can kill Vrutraasura”. In Vipra-vesham, Devendra then reached Dadhiichi Muni, said “Svasti” and sat beside him. Seeing this Dadhiichi asked “O Vaasava! Why did You come in Vipra-vesham? Are all Devatas safe? Please tell me the cause of Your fear”. Devendra told him what happened and asked the Mahaa-muni to give his asthi as Daanam!

Listening to this, Dadhiichi became very happy!! He thought what can be better than giving away the life for others, that too to Uttama-purushas like the Devatas. With his Yoga-shakti, he did Deha-tyaagam. Devendra then did Vrutraasura samhaaram using the Vajra-aayudham built from the asthi of Dadhiichi Muni and restored peace to all worlds.

Morals in the Story:

  1. The Paropakaara buddhi of Dadhiichi Muni was well shown in the story. With great aanandam he did deha-tyaagam for saving the Devatas.
  2. Santrupti is very important. One must be satisfied with whatever he has. Though Shukraachaarya adviced Vrutraasura to be satisfied being the King of the Tri-bhuvanas, he was not and with Duraasha continued enemity with the Devatas. Duraasha always leads to difficulties.

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Ekachakrapura Baka Vadha

Yudhishthira said to Kuntidevi “Maata! why are you doing such a Saahasam? Why are you doing Putra-tyaagam? Believing in whose Baahu-balam we are living happily, believing in whose balam we are hoping that we will get our Raajyam back, fearing whose Veeryam Duryodhana aadi Kauravas dont get sleep, depending on whose Veeratvam we all saved our lives in the laakshaa-gruham (wax-house), whose greatness put an end to Purochana — why are you doing Tyaagam of such a Bhiimasena?”

Kuntidevi replied “we are now living under the aashrayam of this Viprotaama. It is our minimum duty to show Krutagnyata and do Pratyupakaaram to him. Even otherwise, since we are Kshatriyas (one who saves from Kshatam or difficulties), we must protect the people who need help. Hence we must protect this Braahmana. We need not worry about Bhiimasena; he will surely come back safely — we saw his ananta-balam when he killed Hidimbaasura. He carried all of us in Vaaranaavatam and saved us from the fire. He even has the strength of doing Yuddham with Devendra! On the very day he was born, when I dropped him by mistake, he was unaffected whereas the stone on which he fell broke into pieces! Thinking of all these things I have sent Bhiimasena to kill Bakaasura and save the villagers. Vyaasa Bhagavaan told us to what uttama-lokas a person whose does Paropakaaram will reach”.

Yudhidhthira was happy listening to these amruta-vaakyas of Kuntidevi and with full-heart did aashiirvachanam to Bhiimasena. As planned, Bhiimasena reached the nivaasam of the raakshsa, along with the cart full of aahaaram. He shouted for the raakshasa and he himself started eating the food in the cart. Seeing that the food which was brought for him, was being eaten away by Bhiimasena, the raakshasa started stamping his foot onto the ground with great strength. Bhiimasena didnt respond. Seeing this, the raakshasa gave a mushti-ghaatam (strong punch) on Bhiima’s back. Bhiimasena didnt feel anything and continued to eat. With anger, the raakshasa tried to uproot a mahaa-vruksham and throw it on Bhiimasena. Meanwhile, Bhiimasena completed his Bhojanam, did aachamanam, shuddhi of his hands and legs (see this too) and got ready for the Yuddham.

Bhiimasena threw back the Vruksham. For sometime they did Yuddham with Vrukshams. Then raakshasa caught Bhiimasena binding him, Bhiimasena also did the same. Both were squeezing each other. Finally the raakshasa became tired. Then, supporting with legs, Bhiimasena gave a strong mushti-ghaaatam on Bakasura’s back.

Crying for help, bleeding, the raakshasa died. Hearing this aarta-naadam, the relatives of the raakshasa came out. Bhiimasena said “if you all do pratignya and leave Maanava-aahaaram, I will spare you; else you will get the same fate as Bakaasura”. Immediately everyone did Pratignya. The villagers happy to see the end of the Bakaasura.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Dharma-bodha of Kuntidevi shows us the importance of Krutagnyata and parokaaram.
  2. How a sajjana uses his Balam, Dhairyam and helps the society is well shown in the story. On the other hand, Kauravas spent all their strength in destroying Paandavas, due to their Iirsha, Asuuya and Maatsaryam.

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Story of Sunandana

Once upon a time, there used to live a sadbraahmana by name Sunandana in Meghankaram. He was a Saaranga-paani Bhakta (Paramashiva bhakta). He used to do archana of Parama Shiva, who was in the form of Saaranga-paani in Meghankaram. Sunandana was a Pandita, Veda-vedaanga nipuna and a Shuddha Brahmachaari. Hence was doing Nitya paaraayana of the 11th Adhyaayam of Shri Bhagavat-gita.

Once he went on a Teertha-yaatra to Kaantaasthali. It is the pavitra-kshetram where there prasiddha-aalayam of Shri Mahaalakshmi. A guide showed Sunandana the pavitra-kshetram and many siddha-pradeshams in it. He also told that the Nadi-jalam is very sweet and the people are good. However he advised Sunandana not to stay for the night and he added that even if he wanted, the villagers will not allow him to stay in the graama-satram.

Sunandana didnt understand why and requested the graama-adhikaari to grant him permission to stay in the satram. Finally Sunandana managed to convince the adhikaari. The adhikaari said “may be you are the person” and unwillingly gave his permission. Sunandana slept in the satram for that night and as usual woke up the next day before Suuryodayam.

However the villagers were awe-struck to see Sunandana alive. They requested Sunandana to give vimukti to Bhimamukha and told his story:

Bhimamukha was an ordinary Karshaka. Once when he was involved in doing his work in the fields near the satram, a Vruddha came there. Unfortunately, a vulture sees the Vruddha, who was not even having enough strength to walk, and attacks him. However Bhimamukha, being capable of saving the Vruddha, doesnt help him, because of being involved in his farming. Seeing this, a Sanyaasi who was passing near-by wanted to teach Bhimamukha a lesson so that no one will repeat such mistakes. He gives Bhimamukha a shaapam that he will become a raakshasa and a Nara-bhakshaka!

The shaapam of Bhimamukha turned out to be a shaapam for the villagers instead, because Bhimamukha was eating away the villagers one-by-one. All the villagers then ask the Sanyaasi for Sharanam. Sanyaasi gives abhayam and says that Bhimamukha will not cross the satram’s boundary and will only eat people who stay there in the night. Also when a Gnyaani who really has knowledge about Bhagavat-vishvaruupam comes, Bhimamukha will get vimukti.

Listening to this, Sunandana gives Vimukti to Bhimamukha and when aksed by Bhimamukha how he got so much Gnyaanam about Bhagavat-vishvaruupam, tells like this: “I used to do paaraayana of 11th Adhyaayam of Bhagavat-gita. Because of that I have gained this Gnyaanam. However since a perfect Brahmachaari, a Veda-vedaanga-tattvagnya and a Shiva-bhakta can only read it, ordinary people can do the smarana of ‘Sthavishthah’ naamam in Vishnu-sahasra-naamam instead and get the same phalam”.

Thus knowing the greatness of Vishnu-sahasra-naamam and in particular, the naamam of ‘sthavishthah’, the villagers and Bhimamukha do Naama-paarayana and get ananta-phalam.

Morals in the story:

  1. We must always do paropakaaram. Being capable of saving the Vruddha, Bhimamukha, being involved in his work, didnt save him. As told by this Sanyaasi, this is very bad.
  2. The greatness of Vishnu Sahasra naamam is well shown in the story. It is our adrushtam, that Bheeshma-aachraya and Veda Vyaasa gave us this ananta-nidhi. Especially in Kaliyugam Naama-sankeertanam is the easiest way for Mukti.
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