The story of Gajam – Kachchhapam

“Long long time ago, two brothers, Vibhaasa and Suprateeka used to live. Both of them used to wake before Suuryodayam, do Snaana-sandhyaavandana aadi Kaaryams and then with Niyama-vratam used to do Parabrahma aaraadhana.

However once the younger brother, Suprateeka asked Vibhaasa to give him his share of the father’s property. Then Vibhaasa replied “Priya Sodara! People with Pralobham only divide things. We are brothers. We must not have Pralobham. In addition Dhana-kaaksha leads to duhkhas. Some dushtas may interfere between us and increase the conflict. With that both of us will be destroyed. Hence let us share and live, forget about division. Jyeshtha Bhraata is equivalent to Pita and you are like my putra”.

However Suprateeka didnt accept. He said that property must be divided. Seeing this, Vibhaasa got Krodham and said “you dont have respect to elders. Become a Gajam (Elephant) in a mahaaranyam”. With greater Krodham Suprateeka replied “In a pushkarini in the same Aranyam you will become a Kachchhapam (Tortoise)”. Both of them left pavitra maanava-shariiram and took birth according to their shaapas.

Gajam used to come near pushkarini and do ghiinkaaram; the Kachchhapam used to created huge waves. The battle used to start. Everyday they used to fight each other. Also both of them had bahu-sthuula-kaayam (they were extremely huge). So no other animal was able to peacfully live. No one could use the pushkarini. In that Aranyam all the animals were being disturbed by these huge creature’s fights.” said Kashyapa maharshi to Garuda Bhagavaan, when Garuda Bhagavaan asked His Pita, Kashyapa maharshi, to show him some aahaaram before going to bring Amruta-kalasham from Devendra to save His Maata, Vinata, from Daasyam to Kadruva.

Kashyapa continued “Putra! If you take these two creatures as Your aahaaram, then all the animals in the Aranyam will live happily. The pushkarini will then again become aadhaaram for many creatures”. Garuda Bhagavaan then did Namaskaaram to His Pita and flew to the Aranyam.

Even today if two people always fight each other we say “why are you fighting like Gaja-kachchhapas?”.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Pitrubhakti and Vinayam of Garuda deva are well shown in the story. Though He was extra-ordinarily strong, capable, still He asked His Pita to show Himself some aahaaram! The greatest sad-gunam of Sat-purushas is Vinayam.
  2. Nyaayam is what is concerned to an individual. Whereas Dharmam concerns a society. Hence in order to protect the creatures in the Aranyam, the two trouble causing animals had to be killed. Hence, the Dharmagnya, Kashyapa maharshi, asked his putra to take the Gaja-kachchhapas as His aahaaram.
  3. The amruta vaakyas of Vibhaasa must be remembered. Pralobham and Dhana-kaaksha always lead to difficulties.
  4. A family where brothers remain united like Shri Raama and Lakshmana will always prosper; a family where the brothers fight each other like Vibhaasa and Suprateeka will be destroyed with their own Krodham.

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Drona was the putra of the great Bharadvaaja maharshi. Bharadvaaja maharshi had a mitra by name Prushata, who was a King. Prushata’s putra was Drupada. Drupada and Drona used to study together in the aashramam of Bharadvaaja maharshi. They became good friends. After Vidyaabhyaasam, Drupada became the Raaja of Paanchaala-desham and thus they got separated.

Once Parashuraama, the avataar of Mahaavishnu, did Daanam of all His Sampada to others. He had this entire Bhuu-mandalam under His control, since He defeated all the Kings by going around the world 21 times. He gave away these Raajyams to able Kings, who will do Dharma-paalana and wanted to continue His Tapas. Knowing that Parashuraama is doing many great Daanams, Drona approached Him to ask for something. However by the time he reached, Parashuraama gave away everything.

Seeing the poor Drona, Parashuraama said “I have this shariiram (body) and Astra-Vidya only left with Me. Please ask Me what you want. I am ready to give”. With great aanandam, Drona asked to do Vidyaadaanam to him. Drona became an unparalleled Yoddha and learnt any Astras being shishya of Parashuraama. After Dharnurvidyaabhyaasam, Drona wanted to see his baalya-mitra, Drupada. However Drupada was not ready to accept that this poor Braahmana was his mitra. Having nothing to do, Drona left the place.

Bheeshmaachaarya, the Kuru-kula-pitaamaha, who was also a shishya of Parashuraama, appointed Drona as the aachaarya of the Paandavas and Kauravas. After Vidyaabhyaasam, Paandavas, with great Vinayam, asked Drona what Guru-dakshina they can give him? Drona asked them to defeat Drupada, who was then in Chhatrapati nagaram, and give his entire Raajyam to him.

What is impossible to the great Paandavas? They defeated Drupada in Dharma-yuddham and brought him to Dronaachaarya. Drona then said “O Drupada! I always wanted to remain as your mitra. But you said only a King can be your friend. Now I will rule the land to the North of Ganga and you rule that is South to it”. Lucky to atleast have got half-kingdom, Drupada left the place. However he developed permanent hatred on Drona. He wanted to somehow get a putra who can kill Drona!

One day he saw two great brothers, Yaajaka and Upayaajaka on Gangaa-tiiram. He approached Upayaajaka and asked “I will give you 10000 Go-daanams. Please tell me a way how I can get a putra who can kill Drona?”. However Upayaajaka replied that he doesnt have any dhana-kaanksha and remained quiet. But Drupada didnt leave his thought and for 1 year stayed with Upayaajaka and did great seva, help to Upayaajaka. Upayaajaka to show his Krutagnyata finally approached his elder brother to ask for a way to help Drupada.

(to be continued…)

Morals in the story:

  1. Daana, Paropakaara-buddhi of Parashuraama is well shown in the story. He gave away everything he had and when Drona approached him he was even ready to give away his own shariiram as Daanam!
  2. Though Drupada insulted Drona, Drona didnt develop Krodham on Drupada and just left him by teaching him a lesson. However Drupada developed Krodham, though the mistake was on his side. Krodham is the start for doing all paapa-kaaryams. It is one’s greatest shatru.
  3. Mitra-droham is very bad. See these stories to know more. As said in this story, Sajjanas never dare to do it.
  4. We must never come into the effect of Prolobham. Once a person comes into its grip, there will be end to the Paapa-kaaryas he does. Though Drupada wanted to create Prolobham in Upayaajaka by saying he will give away 10000 cows, Upayaajaka didnt accept.

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Vartaka teaches a Paṇḍita

There used to live a Paṇḍita in a village, some time back. He learnt many śāstras and accordingly always used to follow the Dharma. However he was worried about one thing. He used to wonder why everyone around him do so many pāpa-kāryas. He did not understand why knowingly people do mistakes; leave aside who do not know what is right and wrong. He used to think what is the reason for them not following the path of Dharma? He thought "in Kāśī Kṣhetram there will be a lot of Paṇḍitas and Jṇānis. I will discover the answer to my question through discussions with them. Also what can be better than having Viśveśvara Darśanam?"

He started walking to the divya Kṣhetram and met a vyāpāri on his way. They exchanged their identities and started travelling together. The vyāpāri, Vīrayya, told that he was going to do leather bussiness in the near by village's weekly pradarśinī. The Paṇḍita also told why he was going to the great Kāśī Kṣhetram. After sometime, Vīrayya told to the Paṇḍita:

"I have a gold piece of the size of an egg. I am thinking of giving it to some Paṇḍita as dānam". The Paṇḍita said "please do it; it will give you some Puṇyam". Vīrayya told "But I want to give only to a Paṇḍita and …" The Paṇḍita thought "There is nothing wrong if I take the dānam. Then I can take a vehicle and easily reach Kāśī Kṣhetram. Also I will have enough for my food arrangements". So he told Vīrayya that he is ready to take the dānam. Vīrayya was happy and told "but I have one condition. I will give it to a Paṇḍita who comes to my house, eats and then with tāmbūlam I will give this suvarṇam as dakṣhiṇa". The Paṇḍita thought that he had some Anuṣhṭhānas, for doing them he has to follow some niyamas and hence he cannot eat in Vīrayya's house. But then Vīrayya is offering a huge sum of money. If he gets the money he can do his kuṭumba-poṣhaṇa nicely. Also he thought that if he is not going to take, someone else will take. For every pāpam there is prāyaścittam. He thought "I am going to the great Kāśī Kṣhetram. I will do some prāyaścittam there." Thinking like this the dhana-kāṇKṣha of the Paṇḍita grew and finally told Vīrayya that he is willing to take the dānam, out of his pralobham.

After walking for a while, Vīrayya told "O Paṇḍita! Now you need not go to Kāśi. Because you already got the answer to your question". The surprised Paṇḍita said "and what is the answer?" Vīrayya continued "You have some niyamas to be followed. But you were ready to break them. So suvarṇa-kāṇKṣha made you do a pāpakaryam. Same is the reason with everybody. Everybody in order to get some or the other gain step out of their sva-dharmam".

Paṇḍita was shocked to hear the words of Vīrayya. Vīrayya continued "not only that, the pāpam of a pāpakāryam is shared by four: the person who does, the person who makes one to do, the person who praises the one who does and the person who does not say it is wrong (basically one who keeps quite). Similar is the case with Puṇyam. So I do not want to share pāpam with you. Even though you are ready for doing it, I will not support you". Saying this Vīrayya left and the Paṇḍita was surprised by the niśita-buddhi, cāturyam and Jṇānam regarding pāpācaraṇa of Vīrayya.

Durguṇam to be unlearnt: Pralobham

The main reason for a person to deviate from his niyamas and Dharmam (knowingly) is Pralobham. One must be very careful to avoid it.

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