Sheela Sampada

Dharmaraaja did the great Raajasuuya-yaagam in Indraprastham. Mayaasura, the great Shiva, Vishnu Bhakta, gave Yudhishthira the divya Mayasabha to show his Krutagnyata for protecting him during Khaandava-vana-dahanam. Mayaasura built the great Mayasabha in the pavitra Himaalyas near Maanasa-sarovaram and then brought it to Indraprastham with his Maaya-shakti. The wonders of the Mayasabha are undescribable. Seeing all this ananta-aishvaryam, the asuuya in Duryodhana increased tremondously. He went to his Pita, the great Dhrutaraashtra maharaja and expressed his grief. Dhrutaraashtra then told the following Hita-vaakyas to Duryodhana:

“O putra! Do you have any lesser Aishvaryam? Santrupti is what gives aanandam. However because Dharmaraaja is a Sheelavanta, Shri Lakshmi will always be with him. Hence by being a Sheelavanta you can also get all the things which the Dharmaatmas, Paandavas have”. He went on to tell the following Itihaasam:

“We all know Prahlaada, the greatest Vishnu-bhakta, Dharmaatma. He is a Vidvaan, prajaa-ranjaka. Due to his Dharma-vartanam, Prahlaada ruled all the Tri-bhuvanas. Devendra, who lost his Raajyam, went to His Guru, Bruhaspati and asked him to tell the way how He can again get back His Raajyam. Bruhaspati asked Him to go to Bhaargava (Parashuraama). Indra, the Devaadhipati, then took aashrayam of Bhaargava. Bhaargava said “ask Prahlaada only how to get so much Shakti and try to get that Shakti from him”. Since Vidya must be learnt through Guru-sushruusha, Devendra took the form of a Vipra and became the shishya of Prahlaada. For a very long time He did seva, with Bhakti, to Prahlaada. Prahlaada became Prasanna and said

“O Putra! Why are you doing this seva to me?”. Shachii-pati replied “Aarya! I want to know how you got Triloka-aadhipatyam?” Prahlaada replied “I never have the Ahankaaram of being a Raaja. I try to stay away from Himsa. I never let Iirsha, asuuya, dvesham enter me. If someone asks me something, I will give it to him, without saying “no”. Due to my adrushtam (puurva-janma Punyam), I got this sat-sheelam. Hence I got Triloka-aadhipatyam”.

Sahasraaksha then asked “you are indeed a great Daana-sheela. Please give me your Sheelam as Daanam”. Taking pity on the Vipra, Prahlaada then gave his Sheelam as Daanam. Purandara became happy and went away.

Then a mahaa-tejas came out of Prahlaada in a Purusha-aakruti. Prahlaada asked who he was. He went away saying

“I am your Sheelam. Since you gave Me as Daanam, I am leaving you”. After this many such tejas left Prahlaada and he asked who they were. One Tejas replied

“I am Satyam. I take Sheelam as aashrayam and stay. Since Sheelam left you, I am also leaving you”. The other said

“I am Ruju-vartanam. I take Satyam as aashrayam and stay. I am also going”.

“I am Balam. I will always be with Ruju-vartanam (sat-pravartanam). I am leaving”.

“I am Shri Lakshmi. I will be there where Balam is. I am going”. Prahlaada said “Amma! You are also leaving me? Please dont go. Who is that Vipra?” Shri Lakshmi replied “He is Devedra. Coming under His influence you gave off your Sheelam as Daanam. Following that, Dharmam, Satyam everthing left you. Sheelam is the muulam (root) for all these and since you gave that away as Daanam, I am also leaving you.”

But what is impossible for a true Vishnu-bhakta? Prahlaada regained all his Sadgunams and always while listing the great Bhaktas names, we put his name first.

Hence Duryodhana, you become a Sheela-vanta first. Then everything will follow.”

Having Bhuuta-daya, doing harm to none, trying to do Paropakaaram as far as possible, trying to tell hitam to others, without paining them, not having Duraasha are some of the lakshanas of a Sheela-vanta.

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