Vikramaaditya saves a Vipra-strii

One day a Vaishya came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and said “Raaja! One night, when I was in Madhuraanagaram, doing Vartakam, I heard an aarta-naadam from Uttara-disha. From the Nagara-vaasis I came to know that there lives a raakshasa near a Parvatam on the North side of the Nagaram. There is a Kaalikaalayam too there. Everyday night, they hear these aartanaadams”.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Kaalikaalayam. Till it was night, he did Praarthana in the Aalayam. At night, he heard the aartanaadam. He saw the Raakshasa torturing a strii. Vikramaaditya Maharaja couldnt tolerate Strii-himsa. He immediately pounced on the Raaksha and did his Vadha. He then asked “Maata! Who are you? Why is this Raakshasa paining you”? The strii did Namaskaaram to show her Krutagnyata and said

“Prabhu! I am a Viprottama’s arthaangi. I used to always unnecessarily fight/argue with my Bharta and cause grief to him. That Shaanta-muurti tolerated me for a very long time. One day he got very angry with me and gave shaapam that “everyday get beatings from the Raakshasa near Kaalikaalayam and clean your paapams”. When I had pashchaattaapam and asked for Shaapaantaram, he said that Dharmaatma, Dhairya-shaali Vikramaditya Maharaja will do Raakshasa-samhaaram and save you. From that day onwards everyday I am seeing Narakam because of the Raakshasa. Because of your Divya-darshanam I got Vimukti. How can I show my Krutagnyata?”. Saying like this, she showed Vikramaditya a Nidhi that had 1crore Gold coins which was under the control of the Raakshasa. She then said “Maharaja! Since you did Raakshasa-samhaaram, you are the adhikaari of this Nidhi. Please take this Nidhi”.

Vikramaditya Maharaja then gave away the Nidhi to the Strii and said “Sukhiibhava”. After telling this story, the Pratima on the Vikramaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Paropakaara Buddhi? Like Vikramaditya I hope you also dont have Dhana-kanksha”.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi of Vikramaditya is well shown in the story. After saving the Vipra-strii, he gave away the Nidhi to her and blessed her to live happily.
  2. The Dharma-vartanam and Veeratvam of Vikramaditya is shown in the story. Following Raaja-dharmam, he protect the strii and with great Dharyam did dushta-samhaaram.

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One day a Siddha by name Manovega came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and said “Raaja! Near Udayaparvatam, there is a pushkarinii by name Aghanaasham. A Suvarna-Kalasham comes from it at Suuryodayam. As Suurya Bhagavaan raises, the Kalasham also goes up, at Madhyaahnam it reaches Suurya-mandalam. By Suuryaastamaanam, it again comes and goes into the Pushkarinii”. Listening to this Aashcharyam, Vikramaaditya Maharaja asked the Siddha how to reach Aghanaasham. Siddha replied that it can be reached through Yoga-maargam. He has a lehyam (paste) with him, which when applied to the leg, one can reach any place at Manovegam.

Both of them applied the Lehyam and reached Aghanaasham. They waited for Suuryodayam. As the Siddha said, the Divya Kalasham came. Vikramaaditya Maharaja jumped and sat on it. By Madhyaahnam, along with the Kalasham, Vikramaaditya reached Suurya-mandalam. Seeing Vikramaaditya, Suurya Bhagavaan said “Kumaara! No normal person can bear my teevra Tejas. My abhinandanams (congratulations) to your Yoga-shakti. I am very happy with you. Keep these Divya-kundalas as a Bahumaanam (gift) from Me. These are not ordinary Kundalas, they give 8 Pushkariniis full of Suvarnam (1 Baaruvu) everyday”! Taking the Kundalas, along with the Kalasham, Vikramaaditya reached Aghanaasham, after doing Namaskaaram to Suurya Bhagavaan. He then left for Ujjaini.

As soon as he reached Ujjaini, a Viprottama came near him and asked “Raaja! I live in Vidarbha-desham. With the Krupa of my elders, and the Dhanam earned by them, I do Annadaanam to 1000 people everyday. My Sodaras, with Iirsha, told asatyam about me and made the King give me punishment. I need to give away whole of my Sampada, property as a fine. In addition I need to pay somemore amount. To ask help from you I came here”.

Taking pity on the Viprottama, Vikramaaditya Maharaja gave the Divya Kundalams to him and sent him away! After telling this story, the Pratima on the Simhaasanam of Vikramaaditya continued “Bhoja Raaja! Did you see Vikramaaditya’s Daana Gunam? He never turns back an arthi empty handed. He gave away the Divya Kundalams as daanam. Do you have such Daana Gunam?

Morals in the Story:

  1. The Daana gunam of Vikramaaditya Maharaja is shown in the story. As soon as the Viprottama told his difficulty he gave away the Apoorva Divya Kundalas to the Viprottama.
  2. The Vinayam of the Viprottama is well shown in the story. Though he did many Anna-daanams he didnt have Garvam. He said only because of his elders he is able to do such good deeds.

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Vitarana buddhi

One day Avantii-raaja came to know the greatness of Vikramaaditya Maharaja. The Raaja got Iirsha. He used to always think how he can get more Keerti, Yashas than Vikramaaditya.

One day a Sanyaasi came to Avantii-raaja. The King told his vichaaram to the Sanyaasi. Sanyaasi said “There is a Kaalikaalayam near Himavannagaram. Some Yoga-purushas everyday do Yagnyas there. Go there. After snaanam, enter the Aalayam, build a Gundam and do a Homam for Kaalikaa Devi. In the end give your shariiram as Puurnaahuti. Yoga-purushas will save you, Kaalikaa Devi will appear and give Her Anugraham”. Avantii-raaja did as told by the Sanyaasi and asked Kaalikaa Devi “Everyday I must get 7 Crores”. Kaalikaa Devi said “if everyday you give your shariiram as Puurnaahuti, you will get what you want”.

Everyday the King did as said by Kaalikaa Devi and did Daanam of the Dhanam he got, to whoever asked and soon got the name that he is a great Daata. Vikramaaditya Maharaja came to know about the Daana-gunam of Avantii-raaja. He immediately went ot Himavannagaram and was about to give his shariiram as Puurnaahuti. Just then Kaalikaa Devi appeared and Vikramaaditya said

without even Avantii-raaja having to do the difficult task of Puurnaahuti, give him the dhanam so that he can do more and more Daanams“. Very happy with the Amruta-vaakyas of Vikramaaditya Maharaja, Kaalikaa Devi said “Raaja! No one ever will be born who equals you in Vitarana (Tyaagam, Audaaryam)”.

On knowing about Vikramaditya, Avantii-raja got Iirsha, whereas Vikramaditya on knowing about Avantii-raja, helped him by asking Kaalikaa Devi Varam to bless Avantii-raja!

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A guudhachaari of Vikramaaditya Maharaja came running and said “I am coming from Maalava-desham Prabhu. In that Nagaram a Dhanika Vartaka dug a Tataakam (reservoir) with circumference of 16 miles and 50 feet deep. Even then, howmuch ever rains fall, the water is not staying in it, it is absorbed into the ground. Vartaka had duhkham because he thought this Tataakam will be of use to many; but it is not storing water. Aakaasha-vaani then said “O Vaishyashikhaamani! If a saahasa-vanta and a sat-gunavanta comes here and gives himself as bali to Durgaa Devi here, then this Tataakam will be of use to everybody”. The Vartaka then thought will there be any such great person. He then made 32 Pratimas with 32 Crore Gold coins and said that whoever does this Kaaryam gets these Pratimas”.

Immediately Vikramaaditya Maharaja reached the Tataakam in Maalava Desham, taking his Chandraayudham. He read a shaasanam written “If this Tataakam is filled with water, Praani-koti will be happy”. Immediately he took out his Chandraayudham to cut his throat. Durgaa Devi appeared and said “Raaja! I am happy with your Saahasam. Ask me a Varam”. Vikramaaditya Maharaja replied “Jananii! Make this Tataakam built by this Vartaka-shreshtha useful to everybody”. Devi was very happy with the Paropakaara-buddhi of Vikramaaditya and gave the Varam. She told the Vartaka “use these 32 crore gold coins to build Devaalayas, Satrams and do praja-seva”.

After telling the story the Pratima in Vikramaaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja Raaja! Do you have such Saahasam and Paropakaara-buddhi that Vikramaaditya Maharaja has“?

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One day few sainikas came to Vikramaaditya Maharaja and told “Prabhu! Near Chitrakuuta-parvatam there is a Kaalikaalayam. Everyday a Braahmana is doing Homam before the Devaalayam. He did so many Homams that the bhasmam that came from the Homams became a huge heap, larger than the parvatam itself!”

Vikramaaditya Maharaja took some sainikas with him and reached Chitrakuutam to see this. The Braahmana replied like this, when Vikramaaditya asked why he was doing so many Homams, “Raaja! I have some Vaanchas. To satisfy them I am seeking Devi-krupa. However She didnt show Karuna on me till now”.

Taking pity on the Braahmana, Vikramaaditya said “Braahmanottama! You take some rest. I will do the Homams and try to get Kaalikaa-anugraham. I will ask Her to give you Varam”. The Braahmana agreed.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja then did snaanam in the near-by Pushkarini and became Parishuddha. Then with great nishtha he started doing the Homam. However Kaalikaa Devi didnt show Karuna. “Jaganmaata! If I give my head as bali, may be You will then show Karuna” saying this, Vikramaaditya Maharaja took his sword and wanted to cut his head off. Just then Kaalikaa Devi appeared and said “Raaja! I am happy with your Saahasam. Please ask Me a Varam”. Vikramaaditya Maharaja said “Maata! This Braahmana did a lot of Homams with great nishtha. Please give him Varam”. Kaalikaa Devi then gave Varam to the Braahmana and praised Vikramaaditya for his Audaarya-guanm and Paropakaara-buddhi.

Vikramaaditya Maharaja then said “Maata! I have one sandeham. This Braahmana did your Upaasana for a very long time. Why didnt You show Your Anugraham on him?”. Kaalikaa Devi replied “This Braahmana is a Chapala-chitta. More than Bhakti on Me, he wants Varam from Me. I will be happy with people who have Nishkaama-bhakti on Me, not the ones who do My archana expecting something in return”.

After telling this story, the Pratima on Vikramaaditya Maharaja’s Simhaasanam continued “Bhoja raaja! So do you also have the Audaarya-gunam and Tyaaga-buddhi of Vikramaaditya”?

Morals in the Story:

  1. The Audaarya-gunam of Vikramaaditya Maharaja is well shown in the story. Though Kaalikaa Devi asked him to ask for Varam, he asked Her to give Varam to the Braahmana instead.
  2. God always likes Nishkaama-bhaktas. Kaalikaa Devi’s Amruta-vaakyas must always be remembered.

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King Bhartruhari becomes a Viraagi

Perhaps there will be no Bhaarateeya who did not hear about “Bhartruhari Subhaashitaani”. He was the Bhraata of the great Vikramaaditya maharaja. He was a great Samskruta kavi. In addition to Subhaashita-Ratnaavali, he wrote divya granthas like: “Vaakyapradeepam” (a vyaakarana grantham), “Raahata kaavyam”, “Kaarika” (Pantanjala mahabhaashya vyaakarana ruupam).

Vararuchi, Vikramaaditya, Bhatti and Bhrartruhari were the priya-putras of Keshava Sharma. Bhrartruhari was made the King and he did Raajya-paalana around 135 years before Shaalivaahana Shakam. From childhood, Bhartruhari was always interested in Saadhu, Sajjana seva.

Once a poor Braahmana in Bhrartruhari’s Raajyam did upaasana of Bhuvaneshvarii Maata. He knew sakala mantra-shaastras. Bhuvaneshvarii devi appeared before him and gave him a divya-phalam and said that whoever eats this phalam will not have jaraa-maranam (will not become old and be immortal). The Braahmana thought like this “I am a poor Braahmana. What rakshana of others can I do even by living for long. Anyway since I am Braahmana, I must do Bhiksha-aatana and eat. If I give this to the Raaja, he can do great seva to the praja and do their Rakshana”. Thinking like this he went to Bhartruhari and gave his aashiirvaadam, the divya-phalam and told its Mahima.

However Bhartruhari gave it to his priyaa, Anangasena. She in turn gave it to her priya-sakha, an ashva-poshaka. The ashva-poshaka gave the divya-phalam to his daasi and she in turn gave to her priya, a Gopaalaka. The Gopaalaka gave the divya-phalam to his priyatama. She kept it in the basket in which she was carrying cattle-dung and was going through Raaja-viidhi to her house. To his surprise Bhrartruhari saw that the divya-phalam finally reached in such a place. He called her and got to know the entire story.

Knowing what had happened, he got Virakti on samsaaram. He realized that everything is mithya and Bhagavat-bhakti is only shaashvatam. He then left for the aranyas to do Tapas, giving the Divya-phalam to Vikramaaditya. Aaha! Vidhi is great. Finally the phalam reached the person who deserved it.

Bhartruhari then wrote Neetishatakam, Shrugaarashatakam and Vairaagyashatakam. He spent the rest of his life as a Viraagi doing Daiva-dhyaanam. Once, taking pity on an old Braahmana, Vikramaaditya gave away the divya-phalam to him!

रत्नैर्महार्हैस्तुतुषुर्न देवा न भेजिरे भीम-विषेण भीतिम्।
सुधां विना न परयुर्विरामं न निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीराः॥
— भर्तृहरेः नीतिशतकम्
ratnairmahārhaistutuṣurna devā na bhejire bhīma-viṣeṇa bhītim |
sudhāṁ vinā na parayurvirāmaṁ na niścitārthādviramanti dhīrāḥ||
— bhartṛhareḥ nītiśatakam
Morals in the story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi of Bhaarateeyas is well shown in this story through the Braahmana who did upaasana of Bhuvaneshvarii devi and the great Vikramaaditya maharaja.
  2. The Braahmana showed us what is Nishkaama Bhakti. Though Bhuvaneshvarii devi gave him the divya-phalam, he gave it to the King, who can protect many more.
  3. Saadhu, Sajjana seva, respecting elders are great sadgunas. Bhartruhari was always interested in them.

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The great Vikramāditya Mahārāja

Vikramāditya, the śaka-karta, is very well-known for his śauryam, dhairyam, dharma-pālana, Kalā-poṣhaṇa and accomplishing many impossible tasks. From our childhood we have heard many many stories of him, perhaps this is the least famous one, but nevertheless may be the most important of his accomplishments.

Once Vikramāditya mahārāja during his Mṛgayāvihāram reached Ayodhyāpuram. Tired, he took rest under the shade of a mango tree which was on the banks of the great Sarayū Nadī, near Yamasthalam (Jamadharāghāṭ). To his utter surprise an atyanta sudarākāra Rājaputra with black śarīracchāya, wearing black vastras and puṣhpamāla, riding a black aśvam came and along with the horse took a dip in the pāvana jalas of Sarayū Nadī. To his greater surprise, a divya puruṣha with svaccha śveta śarīram, śveta aśvam, vastras and puṣhpamāla come out.

Immediately Vikramāditya mahārāja went to the Divya puruṣha and asked him the reason for the sudden change in his ākṛti. The Divya puruṣha replied “give your identity before knowing about me”. Vikramāditya mahārāja then said “O kumāra! I am Vikramāditya. My father is the great Gandharvasena mahārāja. My elder brother is Bhartṛhari. He took the āśrayam of Śrī Guru Gorakhanātha and did rājya-tyāgam. Thus I got the Bhāratarājya Śrī and I am doing my yathāśakti mānavaseva and thus Mādhava seva”.

Pleased with the reply of Vikramāditya mahārāja, the sundara Rājaputra replied “O Rāja! I am the Tīrtharāja, Prayāga. Every year during Makara Saṅkrānti, when Sūrya Bhagavān enters Makararāśi, at Trivenī saṅgamam of Gangā, Yamunā, Saravatī many crores of people take Tīrtha snānam and get freed from their pāpam that accumulated from their crores and crores of janmas and reach Paramapadam. Because of this huge pāparāśi I get burnt and turn black. Not able to bear with the tāpam, I come to the Śrī Rāma janma bhūmi, Ayodhyā, and get freed from the pāparāśi by taking a Tīrtha snānam in the great Sarayū Nadī”.

Knowing that Karma (pāpa, puṇya phalam) cannot be easily destroyed, Vikramāditya went on to ask the Tīrtharāja “Hey Bhagavan! What about the great Sarayū Nadī?” The Mahātma replied “Rāja! You need not have that sandeham. Sarayū Nadī has the sāmarthyam to digest janma-janmārara pāparāśis. The pāparāśi that I left in Sarayū Nadī will become bhasmam with the Baḍabāgni near Lakṣhmaṇa ghāṭ — Sahasradhāra. During the timing of creation of this bhasmarāśi, the sprinkled particles become fishes and the pāpam goes to the people who eat these fish”.

Listening to this, with Bhaktibhāvam, Vikramāditya mahārāja asked “Mahātma! Due to my many janma’s puṇyam I got your darśanam. Please tell me what puṇya kāryas I need to do”.The Tīrtharāja told “O Rāja! I am pleased with your audāryam. Now the Ayodhya is in a naṣhṭa, bhraṣhṭa sthiti. Knowing where exactly is the Janma-sthānam, please do jīrṇoddharaṇa of this divya Kṣhetram”. Vikramāditya replied “Mahānubhāva! Now Ayodhya has no people. There are no svarṇa maya rāja prāsādas, there are only mud sidhilas. Please tell me Ayodhya kṣhetra Phalam, the divya tīrthas and how to identify, in the present situation, where exactly is Śrī Rāma Janma Sthānam?” The Tīrtharāja replied “Your doubt is very valid. Please listen to me with great śraddha”:

(Prayāga puruṣha first tells how to reach a great Vṛkṣham by name “Rāma” from where they are and tells about some great places — Gavākṣha kuṇḍam, Ganeśa kuṇḍam, Śeṣhabhagavān Mandiram and continues like this …)

“Rāma is a very very prācīna Vṛkṣham. In order to fix the Ayodhyānagara paridhi, Brahmadeva created it. From thousands and thousands of manvantaras, this Mahāvṛkṣham is there safely. Exactly one mile to the west of this Rāma Vṛkṣham, there is Maṇi Parvatam. 500 feet from there, in Vāyavya koṇam, is the great Śrī Rāma Pāvana Janmasthalam”. He continued “take a Gomāta, which has a very newly born calf, along with the calf, to the Rāma Vṛkṣham. Make it walk near the Maṇi Parvatam (i.e. 1 mile from Rāma Vṛkṣham). The place where the Gomāta puts its Pavitra Gomayam is the great Maṇi parvatam. Make the Gomāta walk at a place 500 feet from there. Where the Gomāta, from its stanas, gives avirāma kṣhīra dhāra, by itself, must be identified as the actual Śrī Rāma Janmasthānam”.

Exactly on Śrī Rāmanavami, Śrī Vikramāditya mahārāja did as told by the Prayāga puruṣha and did Jīrṇoddharaṇam of the Ayodhyā kṣhetram and Bhavyamandira nirmāṇam.

Morals in the Stories:

  1. Once a person follows Dharma and Satyaniṣhṭha he can see Divya puruṣhas. The darśanam of such Divya puruṣhas will lead to ananta mangala karyas. Vikramāditya mahārāja, in a similar way, achieved many many tasks and gained ananta kīrti, aśas and showed us what divya kāryas a person can do if he never deviates from the path of Dharmam and Satyam. Similarly only when dharmam is followed, do the divya kṣhetras show themselves; otherwise when the people are not worthy of it, then they appear as sidhilas.
  2. The fascinating story of puṇya-pāpa — Karma cycle is shown in the story. Unknowingly we might be doing many pāpa and puṇya kāryas. We must be careful not to do pāpa kāryas atleast knowingly.
  3. The sūkti that Vikramāditya mahārāja told “mānava seva is Mādhava seva” must not be forgotten.

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