Shri Krishna Leelas -13

(continuation of this story)
This series of stories on Shri Krishna leelas try to bring out some durgunas, commonly found in people, and thus warn us to be away from the same.

Chaanuura-Mushtika Vadha
After Kuvalayapeeda vadha, Balaraama-Krishna came near Chaanuura-Mushtika. Different people saw different Rasas (Navarasas+Bhakti rasam) in Paramaatma, Shri Krishna:

  • Yoddhas saw Raudra-rasam
  • Madhuraa-nagara Vanitas saw Shrungaara-rasam
  • Shriidaama and other Gopaalaka-mitras of Shri Krishna saw Haasya-rasam
  • Nanda-aadi saw Dayaa-rasam
  • Shatru-raajas saw Veera-rasam seeing Shri Krishna who looked like Yama
  • Kamsa experienced Bhaya-rasam seeing Shri Krishna who looked like Mrutyudevata
  • Normal people felt aashcharya-rasam
  • Praakrutas saw Bheebhatsa-rasam
  • Gnyaanis saw Shaanta-rasam
  • Gopikas and Yaadavas saw Prema, Bhakti rasam

Chaanuura-Mushtika announced “we have bala-paraakramam. It is not wrong if we show it to Balaraama-Krishna”. Paramaatma replied “O Yoddhas! We are baalakas. You are Mahaa-balas. Will the people accept this adharma-yuddham”? Chaanuura replied “You are not a baalaka. You are a Mahaa-bala in baalakas. You did Vadha of Kuvalayapeeda. So this is Dharma-yuddham”.

With Chiru-mandahaasam, Balaraama-Krishna accepted for Yuddham. Nagara-vanitas thought “This is not Dharma-yuddham. Kamsa cannot escape punishment for doing such an akrutyam. If we have any adrushtam, may Balaraama-Krishna win the Yuddham”. Everyone wanted Balaraama-Krishna to win.

Ghora-yuddham started. They were hitting, fighting, jumping, throwing each other. However Balaraama-Krishna always had chiru-mandahaasam on their face. Paramaatma hit Chaanuura hard. Chaanuura then hit hard on the pavitra Vaksha-sthalam of Shri Krishna. Nothing happened to Paramaatma. He took Chaanuura by his shoulders, swirled and smashed hum onto the ground. Chaanuura lost his life. Balaraama svaamy gave a hard mushti-ghaatam on the back of Mushtika. Bleeding, Mushtika died. Brothers of Chaanuura-Mushtika then attacked Balaraama-Krishna and got killed. The Tejas of them entered Paramaatma. The claps (Kara-taala-dhvani) of the praja reached the skies.

Chaanuura-Mushtika Charitra

In Amaraavati nagaram, there lived a Bhuusurottama by name Udandha. He had 5 putras. They didnt listen to the hita-vaakyas of their Maata, Pita, didnt follow aachaaram and started to learn how to use aayudhams, do Yuddham. Udandha said “O dushtas! We are Vipras and hence must always have Shaantam, Daya and do Tapas. In addition to leaving these, you took to Para-dharmam. All 5 of you be born as asuras and become Yoddhas”. After they had pashchaataapam, Udandha said that they will get Vimukti after fighting with Shri Krishna in Dvaapara-yugam.

Durgunam to be unlearnt: Not respecting Maata, Pita and not following Svadharmam and Sadaachaaram.

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